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Appealing a DLA decision - will i receive a further letter for my reasons?

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misscutandstick Sun 18-Oct-09 22:53:09

I have received award of LRC after 22wks of deliberation, procrastination, and general faffing. They have received every report going (which BTW i have asked for copies of) and still made a crap decision.

I rang and asked for an appeal form, received it, and gave it a read-over.

Its VERY small, the tiniest box ever to explain reasons for appealing against decision.

Will this be "my chance" to put my case forward, or will there be further correspondance? Should i right a brief explanation in the box, or attach a 4 page essay stating exactly why they have got it so wrong?

Any advice very very welcome - dont want to mess this up!


claw3 Sun 18-Oct-09 22:57:49

Hi there, i have a Tribunal in November and the answer is yes, it is your chance to put your case forward.

I was told to include as much as possible.

claw3 Sun 18-Oct-09 23:05:46

Would also say they should have told you in writing the reasons for not giving you the rate you applied for and you should base your appeal on those reasons, if thats any help.

misscutandstick Mon 19-Oct-09 07:12:18

i asked for those a week ago and they havent arrived - will harrass them after todays post.

I also asked weeks ago for copies of the reports they got back, they never turned up either!

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