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Ok - a boast comes before a fall - I need advice

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sphil Sun 18-Oct-09 20:44:53

Those of you who read my thread a couple of days ago will know that DS2 is now out of nappies at night and weeing happily and accurately in his porti-potty. However, poo is a different matter. Every night he's been going in his pjs and then throwing the bits over the stairgate we keep on his door to prevent him from wandering the house at night. On the first two nights (incl the one when I wrote my boasting post) a couple of bits went into the porti-potty, so we praised him and ignored the other bits. But on the two nights since then he has thrown it all over the barrier with tonight's offering being particularly spectacular.

If we say 'DS2, where does the poo go?' he says 'toilet'. He NEVER wets his pants. So why is he doing this? And what can I do to help him poo in the right place?

cyberseraphim Mon 19-Oct-09 10:21:31

We had the second part of your scenario for a while - knowing the answer to the question but not really doing anything related to the knowledge. We are still not 100% there but much better. It was and is just constant reminding/taking/noting times of the day

misscutandstick Mon 19-Oct-09 13:35:43

Only last night did DS4 (4.6y AS) manage to get a poo in the toilet, hes been dry 18mths. He has poo'ed in pants IN the bathroom (!?!) for ages, and he can tell you that poo should go in toilet...

He was proud of himself and explained to me how to do it "well, you just go for a wee, and then - you STAY there! and out comes the poo into the toilet!". There you go then revelation to us all grin

Again, agree with cyber - just keep at it, good luck.

sphil Mon 19-Oct-09 14:32:36

grin Misscutandstick - that's brilliant. I need your DS to explain to DS2 - it's the staying there that's the problem.

We are going to skulk around upstairs tonight to try to catch him doing it so we can manoeuvre him to the loo immediately. Even if a bit just drops in and we can give him a choc button I think he'll get it. But so far he's been a master at only pooing when he's sure there's no=one around.

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