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what to tell pead

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catkinq Sun 18-Oct-09 20:29:59

ds1 (seven) has an appointment with the pead this week but we are unsure how to convince him that there is any problem. Ds1 is very angelic lokoing and often immaculately behaved, very cute and sweet, very bright etc but has frequent meltdowns at home when he turns into child from hell - very violent and agressive - or sometimes extrememly upset (as in so many tears that his noses runs (literally) down to his knees - he has to lean forwards so that he does not choke when upset). He doesthis whenever he feels that life has been unfair (eg a duck eating his sisters bread but no this)or if we deviate from routine without warning (hence the assessment). I'm concerend though that they will not believe us. The fact that we are going to the hospital means that we will be out o froutine so I'd expect meltdowns in th emorning before we go but by teh time we get there he will have adjusted and will be his cute ans sweet self. Is this normal? We thought of trying to video a few meltdowns - is this what poeple usually do?

likeacuppa Sun 18-Oct-09 20:43:22

Do try a video. A friend of mine videoed her child's tic on her phone and both GP and neurologist she saw about it said how useful it was to see the clip (obviously he stopped doing it in the surgery, that's white coat syndrome for you).

Also sounds dead normal to me. I'm so fed up of people saying 'well I can't see that he has any behavioural problems' when I know that a massive melt down is just around the corner -- when they can't see him.

willitknockmyteethout Sun 18-Oct-09 20:53:24

have the school any concerns about him... often they fill in a form to back up what you say...

catkinq Sun 18-Oct-09 20:54:36

he is fine at school - this is part of the problem. It is just at home, esp before school and right after school.

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