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Why when ds2 doesn't.........

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anonandlikeit Sun 18-Oct-09 18:46:17

like noise is he soooooo bloody LOUD!!!

I have a headache, we are working on volume control with him & think we are a long way off him understanding another response to dislike other than screaching... how can he tolerate it when he spends half his life with his hands over his ears....

& just to convince the neighbours i ahve no control over the kids i have just discovered that ds1 (yes the nt 1) has written SHIT in the condensation on the window! I am angry & blush He has been sent to his room.

logi Sun 18-Oct-09 22:59:13

My son dislikes sudden loud noise too yet he can be noisy,his docs told me its because he is in control of the noise he is making so can stop it when he wants.
Lol at least your ds1 didnt say s**t to the neighbours.

claw3 Sun 18-Oct-09 23:03:30

I think its to do with the unexpected, as Logi says its ok if you are in control, you know its coming.

Also to do with pitch perhaps, my ds gets quite excited if a fire engine passes, does not bother him at all, but if a baby cries, he wants to hit them.

Thanks the lord, ds cant spell shit yet!

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