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little question about statementing

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meerkatsandkookaburras Sat 17-Oct-09 06:24:55

were only just starting the process of asking for assessment etc. Ive been told different stories by different professionals arpound here, does anyone know the answer or is it a different areas different approach thing..... We live right bang in the middle between two special schools both could happily meet ds's needs providing they obviously have places at the time of naming a school in the statement (i know theres still a chance the statement will be refused etc as were in nottinghamshire which makes life harder lol but presuming it isnt...). One school is 1.5 miles closer than the other (though both are around 14 miles away i think if i remember rightly). Now the educational psychologist insisists you have a catchment special school and thats the one further away (which i dont like at all really though must say would still prefer over mainstream), however the parent partnership say it merely is down to number of miles away in which case the one i love would be where local authority would prefer him to go due to distance! So, i know its early and we will find out in months to come etc if we get that far in the process, but who is right?? or are they both right?? they are both area special school covering a mixture of disabilities including asd's and as ds has autism he would definately have his needs met by both so im presuming that wouldnt really come into it. I know its ages away but its stressing me!! please help!

meerkatsandkookaburras Sat 17-Oct-09 06:25:27

oops that wasnt actually such a little question was it! sorry

StarlightMcKenzie Sat 17-Oct-09 13:05:29

Message withdrawn

meerkatsandkookaburras Sat 17-Oct-09 18:38:10

thanks very much, i really love the closer school its so perfect just got to think of good reasons why now!!

misscutandstick Mon 19-Oct-09 10:25:02

OOOOH hows it going Meerkats?

If you want to get in touch to bitch the system chat about how things are going mail me, miss cut and stick at yahoo dot co dot uk, no spaces of course!

would love to have someone else to chat to about this!

likeacuppa Mon 19-Oct-09 10:47:36

Isn't it the case that if a statement names a particular school that school has to admit the child, regardless of whether there are places, distance, catchment areas and so forth?

MumOfThreeMonkeys Mon 19-Oct-09 12:35:04

if there's no places the child can't go- i've been throu this for the last couple of months, thankfully in my case a child dropped out and dd got the place... im in northern ireland thou

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