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Selective mutism?

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janmumto5 Fri 16-Oct-09 20:45:08

Anybodys LO suffer with selective mutism? I had the offical diagnosis for my ds3 last week for this i have suspected it for awhile tho and it was confirmed finally last week.. he also has global devolpmental delay mild hearing loss and suspected adhd and odd.

At home he never stops or shuts up but at school it is a big problem he only talks to his unit teacher and keyworker when he feels like it he wont communicate at all with anybody else in the school children,teachers, dinner staff nobody if i go into school which is rare he wont talk to me as im not in familar setting.

He will talk to family members if they come visit BUT only after they been in our home hour or so if he see's them outside of our home he doesnt communicate again YET

If a stranger chats to him on the bus he doesnt talk at first then starts to communicate but then goes to far ie grabbing hold of them as they get off,running to get off bus with them, stroking their hair and faces inappropiate touching ..

Just wondering if there anybody else like to share experiences etc x

Phoenix4725 Sat 17-Oct-09 07:04:00

bumping up know was someone else that posted on this

wasuup3000 Sat 17-Oct-09 08:51:27

Hi Jan there are a few on here that have children with SM. My eldest daughter has SM.
I don't want to go through what I have been through in detail. The biggest issue has always been the schools lack of understanding and support which have always made her anxieties and SM worse and their lack of action. My son has a diagnosis of Dsypraxia and we have been told more recently it is likley he has GDD and Aspergers. He is very quiet in unfamiliar settings doesn't tend to chat with his teacher unless he wants to show her something he is interested in and doesn't initiate conversations otherwise. However he will tell a stranger, a complete random stranger in the street, if he needs the toilet or has just been bought a bag of sweets.

janmumto5 Sat 17-Oct-09 08:55:32

Hi thanks for posting and phoeniz thanks for bumping xx

Wasuup my ds's old school were very difficult they didnt understand kept saying i was wrong about selective mutism, he just lacked confidence, I moved districts and the help we have recieved since moving and the school he now attends is amazing.

There is a meeting to be help on 5th november at the school to discuss Daniel and what help can be given to support him his biggest difficulty is communicating with his peers and other children. x

wasuup3000 Sat 17-Oct-09 09:04:52

We have already done the change of school thing as my daughter was running away from her last one in the end and refusing to go for months on end. This one now understands to remove the pressure but are unwilling to do much else or take the professionals advice on this.
Circle of friends is I believe a good way to help with the socialization part. The Sliding in Technique for the communication. Horse/Donkey riding schools maybe worth a look at too.

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