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big thanks!!!

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ki28 Fri 16-Oct-09 14:02:01

I just wanted to say big thanks to you all over the last few months.

If i could afford to send you all wine and chocs,belive me i would.

My 4andhalf ds,has been going through a assment due to school worries reguarding asd.

Most of the worries were to do with social skills,eye contact,motor skills and speech.

Through out my worries and stress you have all helped me with words of wisdom and encouragement and straight talking.

Well just met his new teacher.who knew him before but is now his full time teacher and guess what???

She has no worries reguarding him!!!!???!!

soacial skills grew massivley over the hols and keep progressing since being back at school.

eye contact was out down to shyness,but now has no bother with it.

motor skills-dress fine-holds a pen fine amongst other things are fine.

And speech was a problem with his hearing in his left ear.

Since going through the assesment and appiontments he seems to have grown up,they think? god knows,he is only 4!!

So guys,i really mean BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU!!!!

I can confidently say that having here for advice,support and understanding has saved my realationship with my partner.

Really wish i could help you all out the same as you have done me. Just wanted to let you all know what a difference you made to the process.

they say there is a missing link/support to perants/knowledge to understanding asd and other special needs. This is it HERE!!

Thank you all again xx

waitingforgodot Fri 16-Oct-09 14:44:07

Thats lovely to hear. Your DS sounds like he is coming on really well! Keep posting!

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