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Not happy with DSs hospital treatment-any advice please- very long, sorry!?

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Tiggiwinkle Sat 11-Jun-05 23:04:49

My DS (aged 6 and with Aspergers) fractured a finger 3 weeks ago (He fell off the sofa duing a tussle with one of his brothers!)
We took him to A and E and the doctor on duty said the finger needed manipulating under anaesthetic. However, when the orthopaedic reg came down, he decided this would not be necessary and sent us home with "bunny strapping" on the finger.
We attended the fracture clinic a week later, and the registrar on duty immediately said the fracture needed manipulating and he would himself have done it the night it happened. DS was admitted straight to the ward and not allowed to eat or drink in case they were able to do the operation that afternoon.
However, during the afternoon the surgeons decided they wanted more X-rays. The houseman met us at the X-ray suite and said he had to take the films straight back to the consulant as he had to catch a flight to France and was in a hurry!
Later, the same houseman came up to the ward and said the consultant had decided the procedure was not needed and we could again go home with bunny strapping.
10 days later, the finger was still swollen. I rang the fracture clinic and they gave us an appointment for yesterday (Friday).
Yet another registrar saw DS and said he would leave the strapping off and send us home with hand exercises to improve the mobility of DSs hand. I said I was not happy and wanted to see the consultant. The reg then said he would send us for X-rays before we met the consultant!
When we went back in from the x-rays, the consulant came in and said "Before I say anything else let me explain that I did not make the decision [re the manipulation] as I was working the day your DS was admitted-I left the country on the 20th which was the week before. So the decision was made in my name but I did not make it!"
He then said to the reg that the fracture was not uniting and should be strapped in a rigid splint for 2 weeks.He told me he wants us to return in 2 weeks-but to see the consultant who made "that" decision. (and who has never met us face to face)
He assured me that he feels the fracture will heal eventually but if it doesnt "we can put it right".
To make matters worse, the hospital rang me later and told me we could not have an app in 2 weeks time as the "other" consultant does not have an available app for almost 3 weeks-which means DS has to wear this horrible splint for longer than the consulant specified and with no guarantee that it will have mended after 6 weeks of strapping.
We are absolutely furious at the way DS has been treated and the way the buck is now being passed for what was obviously a s**t decision.
I really do not want to subject DS to any more treatment at this hospital, but how can we now go elsewhere? NHS direct have suggested requesting a referral to another hospital from our GP-do we have a right to this?
Many thanks if you have made it his far-I am just sooo angry about it all!

milward Sat 11-Jun-05 23:20:49

Goodness how difficult for your son. I don't know the system but would say go to your gp and see what they make of this. Feel angry for you as well - what terrible treatment you received. I'd write to the hospital to complain about how the diagnosis was made and followed up.

Milliways Sat 11-Jun-05 23:25:34

So sorry for you. My DS broke his leg & after a trip to A&E was sent home with a bandage on his "sprain"

A consultant reviewed his X ray as a matter of course & we were recalled - but he had 4 VERY painful days before it was plastered. After 6 weeks NOT healed but did after 9 weeks long leg cast.

I'm sure it will work out ok in the end.


MeerkatsUnite Sun 12-Jun-05 08:50:33


You can be referred to another hospital if you so wish - you need to request this from your GP.

Have you spoken to your GP about this substandard level of treatment?.

You can make a complaint to the hospital; you would need to write to the Chief Executive Officer of the NHS trust this hospital comes under. Your GP's surgery hopefully will be able to advise you further re the NHS complaints procedure.

I wish you and your family well

Davros Sun 12-Jun-05 10:01:38

I would find out the formal complaints procedure and go for it. You can also contact PALs (patients something Liaison something or other), they have them at every hospital. It would be worth contacting PALs to have a record in place but I don't think they're very pro-active. Sorry to hear about this.

Jayzmummy Sun 12-Jun-05 10:33:49

As Davros has stated contact PALs at your local hospital. They will investigate the poor treatment your son has received and will point you in the right direction to make any formal complaint.
Hope your ds isnt in to much pain. Poor lovey.

coppertop Sun 12-Jun-05 11:10:34

Poor ds. I hope he feels more comfortable soon (no thanks to the useless lot at the hospital ). xx

Sax Sun 12-Jun-05 11:14:15

Ring the switchboard of your hospital and ask for patients complaints - yes as Davros says every hospital has one and you should get an appointment with them to go through everything and record your complaint - you can also ask to see your son's notes and can have it all formally looked into. I agree too that you should go back to your GP to ask to have a second opinion elsewhere which hopefully they can arrange! This is just a dreadful situation and is causing you upset and unnecessary trauma - you MUST complain asap whilst its all fresh in your mind. My thoughts are with you.

Tiggiwinkle Sun 12-Jun-05 11:31:39

Many thanks for all your helpful comments. I shall definitely see my GP tomorrow to ask for a referral elsewhere, as I have no confidence whatsoever in the doctors who have been treating DS now anyway.
I shall also contact PALS as you have suggested. I bitterly regret taking DS to this hospital now, as we have had problems in the past with the adult services there-but it is our local hospital and DS was obviously in pain, so we just wanted to get him treated quickly. Never again!
He is not in a lot of pain now as long as the splint is on, but he finds the plaster holding the splint in place very irritating-this is a child who cannot even stand clothes next to his skin for a lot of the time!
Unfortunately, "breaking his bones" was one of his big phobias a few months ago. He has so far coped with it very well, although the hospital visits are stressful and exhaust him. I am just worried that if this fiasco continues for much longer, the phobia will be triggered again. He has been doing so well recently.
I find the consultants attitude abhorrent (by the way I should have said in my original post that he claimed he was NOT working in the hospital the day DS was admitted as he had left the country the week before). This is a 6 year old boy-surely their main concern should be puttings things right, whoever got it wrong?

MeerkatsUnite Sun 12-Jun-05 16:38:31

Would also suggest you read this for further information:-

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