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How Aspergers /ASD present in Girls? - different from Boys?

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Sharpyharpy Thu 15-Oct-09 11:20:01

Have an older Ds with aspergers - have a 4 nearly 5 year old dd - had a speech delay but was gernerally very quite placid baby unlike DS - she is now though very rough and doesnt seam to understand that not everyone like's to be chased and grabbed - which is very like ds - but she is also very affectionate and love cuddles - unlike ds. ( lots of recent incidents at school and a gereral lack of social skills )

She is also still having accidents at school and no where near night dry

I am just wondering if any one has a dd with Aspergers HFA could give me some clues

Sorry its a bit of a mishmash - just very upset at the thought of another child with Sn Tx

Marne Thu 15-Oct-09 12:55:24

Hi, i have 2 dd's on the spectrum, one with Aspergers and one with HFA.

Dd1 (aspergers) is very verbal, had a lot of phobias when she was tiny, very sensitive, likes to win, likes to be in charge (comes across as being bossy), not keen on cuddles (doesn't like people getting too close to her) and she has no real behaviour problems (well behaved at home and school).

Dd2 (HFA), poor speech, poor communication skills, loves cuddles and rough play, loves numbers and puzzles, can sometimes be very shy, very laid back, plays next to other children but rarely plays with them and is a poor sleeper (can cope with very little sleep).

Both my dd's are very individual (nothing like each other).

Hope that helps.

jasdox Thu 15-Oct-09 14:15:22

quick response, as going out.

but does sound rather like my ds, i've suspected for a long time (aspie/HFA/PDD-NOS), but with IEPs in place he is responding really well on the social sides. for him it is a case of teaching him how to interact, but it now doing this well unprompted.

speech delay. loves cuddles, chasing, v. laid back, still wants us to feed him, infact if he had his way do everything for him! likes to be the boss. not dry at night but mostly at day. uncontrollable grabbing is mostly his thing but this improving all the time with his hug ball in place.

with the early invention is helping hughly.

zakmum Thu 15-Oct-09 15:35:56

My dd is 8yrs old,has asd,adhd,global developemental delay.She is non-verbal,very limited understanding,lack of social skills.We are doing part time ABA program,which is helping her alot.She has many sensory issues and needs 24/7 care,she likes deep pressure on her body.I know how you are feeling,some time I feel like i am the only mother with an autistic dd aswell.

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