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So pleased at last DS has got a place in a language unit ! But worried also...

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mysonben Wed 14-Oct-09 22:53:54

DS is nearly 4, verbal dx of mild asd , going through the motions for dx atm. (hating every moment of it!)
DS has moderate/severe speech delay, his SALT calls it SLI.
Last july his salt put an application forward for him to have a place for 2 mornings a week in a nursery that has a separate language unit.
Two salt and 2 TA for 10 kids max. Brilliant setting! We were well impressed but they couldn't garantee a place, all decisions are taken at a panel meeting.

I chased it up on monday and got a phone call today saying he has got a place, they'll be in touch shortly. grin i'm so happy, at last something positive!

We are keeping the asd side of things under the carpet, as his salt warned us that the language group is solely for "pure" language problems, so we 're keeping our mouth shut, but i wonder how long it will take before the salts that runs it realise there is something more with ds than a language issue!????
Some of his asd traits are quite obvious in his ms nursery setting.
So what will happen when they start suspecting DS has asd.
Can they change their decision and take away his place?
I hope not. hmm

jasdox Wed 14-Oct-09 23:37:49

so glad you got a place, i can imagine it's in demand. If they have not mentioned or hinted at any concerns relating to ASD hopefully you may get away with it, they may relate it to a lang issue. Our ds behaves differently to his various settings and therefore my masts it, guess there is only one way to to know.

Fingers crossed.

mysonben Thu 15-Oct-09 00:02:53

Thanks Jasdox.
Yes i'm hoping it won't be too obvious as DS behaves a lot better in small groups, so like you said they might relate it to his language problems. wink

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