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Does this sound like an ok plan for toilet training dd2?

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Marne Wed 14-Oct-09 13:56:10

I have a meeting with dd2's sn nursery in a couple weeks, a teacher from her other (ms) nursery will also be there so i would like to work out a toilet training routine so both nursery's (and me) can be using the same routine.

I was thinking of making some Toilet picture cards and putting them on one of those stretchy spiral key rings and attaching it to her trousers so eventually she will be able to use the picture to let the teacher know she needs the toilet and the teacher can use it to prompt her to go to the toilet.

I have also decided to skip using a potty and start straight on the toilet as she is 3.5 years old and i don't want the problems i had with dd1 getting her from potty to toilet.

Should i also be asking the nursery staff to take her to the loo every hour until she is trained? At the moment dd2 is not trained at all but is taking her nappy off as soon as she has been, i know its going to take a while but i really want her trained before she starts school next year.

Do you think my ideas will work?

What has worked for you?

overthebar Wed 14-Oct-09 16:11:16

They look like useful tips in particular the one about not using the potty. We have it left in the sitting room and DS (ASD 3.4) will sit on in for 2 seconds and usually uses it for a hat but he does come to the bathroom with me and sits on my knee! He is not ready yet and makes no attempt to take of his nappy or indicate when it is soiled. I will follow your progress with interest.

sodit Wed 14-Oct-09 16:37:31

ds1 did have a picture he could go and point to but he just ended up doing the age old sign of holding himself. Does sound like a good idea on the keyring as it is always available. The most important thing was the praise and reward for producing anything near a potty then it just clicked. Think using toilet is a good idea then at least you dont have to take the potty everywhere as i did thankfully not now. Dont now if taking every hour will work ds1 will be asked if he needs toilet he will shake his head then be hopping about 5 mins later. If he doesnt need it right then he doesnt need it iyswim.
But taking nappy off is good sign ds1 still has nappy at night and waits until then for a poo and he happily goes to sleep in it grin

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