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SALT Moondog could I pick your brains?

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debs40 Wed 14-Oct-09 11:39:46

Moondog or anyone else with SALT experience, I was wondering how usual it was for SALTs to bat social communication back at the school.

The SALT I saw said they don't deal with this and it is left to schools who will decide what if any extra help they need. She will then discharge him.

But the school didn't pick any of this up in the first place and I can't see how they have the skills to measure these things. She did say his TA had been on a course hmm

Without asking you to comment on a particular case, is it usual practise to leave the development of social communication entirely to the school?

Obviously, I'm wanting to take responsibility for this myself as a parent and not having a professional in the field to work alongside and ask questions of seems like it will just complicate matters.

wasuup3000 Wed 14-Oct-09 13:39:13

FranklyIDontGiveAMam Wed 14-Oct-09 16:53:30

statement time!

TotalChaos Wed 14-Oct-09 17:19:15

before discharging him hmm SALT left me with some exercises to do with him on inferences - to see if he would make the right social inferences in situations - so it does sound like the SALT you saw could have done more.....

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