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MRI results but still no dx

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eslaymum Wed 14-Oct-09 08:04:57

Got the results back for my dd2's MRI,small scar apparent,but apart from that ok,the scar is nothing to do with her not walking & talking (she's 30 months).Going to hospital tomorrow to see paed & he will show us the MRI.In the meantime have seen the comm paed,who was great,but said she was a puzzle & could not dx her.Gave her patches for her excessive dribbling & will refer her to a special school,as he thinks mainstream nusery will be too much for her & she will get overlooked.Feeling abit better as the comm paed said she will get there eventually(as in,achieve her full potential)but she will need extra help,said she might not walk until 4 yrs though,may have hypermobility syndrome,but cannot dx her with that,as she is too young!!Anyone out there with similar stories??

anonandlikeit Wed 14-Oct-09 09:23:37

Hi eslaysmum, sorry you didn't get any answers but god news that the results ddn't show up anything serious.
Do you already ahve Physio, salt etc to ehlp & advise?

eslaymum Wed 14-Oct-09 09:25:39

Yes,we do!!

meltedmarsbars Wed 14-Oct-09 10:26:23

Don't dismiss the mainstream nursery option if you think your dd2 would benefit from it - it is possible to do part-time in both ms and sn settings (we did and still do, dd2 is 7 now). You just need extra assistants in the mainstream settingfor her to get full participation.

Are the patches Hyoscine/scopoderm? We have used them too.

eslaymum Wed 14-Oct-09 10:55:42

The comm paed didn't seem keen to do both,because of funding,as she would need a possible one to one in ms.Just waiting for the rx for the patches,so not sure what they are yet.
Did you find they helped as dd2 has to wear bibs all the time(changed every hour,as soaking wet!!)plus it soaks through to her clothes & she drinks lots too!!

meltedmarsbars Wed 14-Oct-09 11:43:29

To be brutal, the funding IS NOT YOOUR PROBLEM! (I am shouting, sorry), but your child is entitled to whatever she needs in order to access life and learning and it makes me so ANGRY when we are denied things because of funding! You need to assess where dd would be happy and where she would learn.

If dd needs 1:1 then great, go for it, that will really enable her to join in and get the most out of the setting. My dd2 has had 1:1 in both ms and sn settings all through her life, she could not do anything without it.

We gave up on the Hyoscine because it didn't work and just gave her side-effects: it doesn't work for all kids. But there was a thread on here about saliva glands recently.

Scottie22 Wed 14-Oct-09 19:26:08

We have had an mri showing brain injury but no dx so I understand your frustration. On the other hand it does mean like your comm paed said that this won't impede her development long term so that's got to be good news! I wish someone would say that to us too!!

My dd has hypermobility and mixed muscle tone - on the whole she feels quite floppy when you pick her up and she looks much weaker than her peers.

Glad you've got help in place and hope you can sort out best option for your dd's schooling..

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