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A very nice consultant.

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logi Wed 14-Oct-09 01:01:36

I thought id share this....we had an appointment at the hospital with our son 5 who has ASD and were very worried about our sons reaction as he can get extremely anxious,the doc who referred him couldnt get near my son as he had a very bad tantrum so she informed the consultant of this and my sons dx...well the consultant was sooo good with ds we couldnt believe it he really took his time with him and after 5 years of not being listened to as parents we were so grateful that he seen the side to our son that we do.After the app. we nipped to hosp. shop bought a card (and choc my son picked)and took it back to consultant to say thanks.A couple of days later a letter came for my son which i thought was for another app. im waiting for...but it was to my son from the consultant thanking him and saying how he enjoyed choc he even used the nickname my son likes to be called by.
My son was pleased to have a letter in his name and what a really lovely gesture from what must be a very busy man.

likeacuppa Wed 14-Oct-09 10:01:57

This is such a nice story, really heartwarming. It shows there are people out there with knowledge and sensitivity, and they make so much difference.

I've sometimes wondered about starting a 'good professionals' thread because I sometimes get cast down with hearing about terrible experiences, and I really do feel very grateful for the good help that I've had at various times.

Anyway my nominations would be our GP who (among other things) once phoned me at home on Christmas Eve to check on the progress of ds2 who'd been in hospital with respiratory problems, and our HV who has stopped me going bonkers on so many occasions, and who started the assessment process that ended with ds1's dx -- no matter how often I rang her she always managed to sound delighted to hear my voice.

logi Wed 14-Oct-09 11:23:40

Hi likeacuppa,i think a "good professionals" thread is an excellent idea,as you said there are so many negative experiences (ive had lots) it would give parents hope that they can get the help and understanding they need.

debs40 Wed 14-Oct-09 13:24:57

Lovely man!!

My community paediatrician is the only one who is always there to offer help and try and get involved. Without her, no one would give two hoots about us languishing on the assessment lists!

daisy5678 Wed 14-Oct-09 19:12:57

Will start one smile as I've got a story too!

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