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Ds3 4 years old is screaming constantly

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squashimodo Mon 12-Oct-09 18:34:43

Ds3 has autism and is screaming constantly this evening.
He is now in his bedroom, and I can hear him screaming.sad The neighbours have been round twice today tocomplain ask about it, feel a bit helpless.
I know he has had an odd day today, because he went on a school day out to a softplay centre, but apparently he enjoyed it and coped fine with it. He has been out of sorts since he got back. He is still screaming. If I go to see if he is ok, he will expect me to take him from his room, and bring him downstairs for a drink, etc, and then he will be worse. I just hope he stops screaming soon, or else neighbours will probably call ss.
I know that I am worn out, had a baby a week ago, who is jaundiced and difficult to feedand very sleepy, plus I also have a touch of baby blues, so finding it quite hard to cope at the moment. Dh had to leave to meet aclient, so on my own this evening. Am close to tears, right on edge.
This is Deeeja by the way, had to change my id etc, because sil found me on mn.

silverfrog Mon 12-Oct-09 18:47:26

oh, you sound as though you've got your hands full smile

do you think that your ds is reacting to the baby? dd1 regressed quite a lot (in hindsight) after dd2 was born. she lost (for a while) a lot of her speech, and was, tbh, a real PITA (much like an NT child might be, i assume)

dd1 is going through testing times again at the moment, and spends a good part of each evening shrieking for no apparent reason <sigh> they do like to test us, don't they?

it has also just turned a bit colder round us - and dd1 was suffering last week (only noticed a couple of days after she started shrieking/wailing). she had a cold and I think also earache, judging by the gunk that later came out of her ears - she is usually good at telling me where hurts, but not when it comes ot ears/throat.

I hope your ds is feeling better soon, and I hope you get a bit of rest, it is so hard trying to keep on top of it all, esp with a little baby (congrats by the way) - do you have anyone who can come and help out, even ofr an hour or so? (whereabouts are you? - I'd be round like a shot for a cuddle with a newborn right now grin).

BriocheDoree Mon 12-Oct-09 19:03:18

Hi Squashimodo. Congratulations on the new baby. Boy or girl, BTW?
Perhaps DS3 enjoyed the soft play, but was simply overwhelmed by the sensory overload and is reacting now he's back home. DD can sometimes be an angel at school and then really kick out at home in a safe environment. He could also be perturbed by the new baby, particularly if he / she is taking a lot of your attention, perhaps makes a lot of noise.
Anyway, some really unmumsnetty hugs coming your way. You had your hands full anyway with your boys and I'm sure it will take you a little while to settle down with your new one. Hope DH isn't home too late and can give you a break when he gets in!

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