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TheRealMrsF Fri 10-Jun-05 22:57:21

My friend with the lad with coeliac disese is trying to find 'ready made' fishfingers or fish cakes or fish the moment she has to make her own...and would like to sometimes have a quicker option!

Do any of you know a brand that does this???(fresh or frozen!)

vwvic Fri 10-Jun-05 22:59:00

Sainsbury's free from range have one, IIRC. I think a company called dietary specials also do one.

TheRealMrsF Fri 10-Jun-05 23:01:51

thank you so much!

RnB Sat 11-Jun-05 06:42:35

Message withdrawn

macwoozy Sat 11-Jun-05 19:18:25

Tescos free from range do it as well, and they are quite tasty.

tribpot Sat 11-Jun-05 19:47:18

A nice (and cheaper) alternative is just to steam some salmon steaks - you can buy a steamer that goes in the microwave so it's dead easy to do, just a thought as the Free From stuff is horrifically expensive. Sometimes you do just need the ready-made option, though. On a similar note, she might like to have a look at the Sainsburys Taste the Difference sausages, quite a few of those are (surprisingly) gluten free - the Sicilian ones, the Toulouse ones and the new leek and herb ones are as well. Yum!

Jimjams Sat 11-Jun-05 23:28:51

I had no idea tescos did them as well. DS1 eating fish fingers for the first time in 3 years- will have to check them out!

Thomcat Sat 11-Jun-05 23:44:46

I bought the gluten free fish fingers for lottie the other week and had some with her - they are so much nicer than the normal ones. I'm only ever buying the gluten free ones from now on.

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