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SALT - do they deal with social communication or what?

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debs40 Mon 12-Oct-09 11:24:31

Just had DS's first SALT assessment. He did really well on lnaguage issues (which have never been a problem).

It was really strange as he gave almost no eye contact and spoke in the baby voice he adopts when nervous (he uses baby language too - I felled down etc). SALT didn't notice that at all.

The SALT could see some problems with recognising emotions etc and with social communication. She these can be dealt with in school by inschool strategies, social stories, TA support etc.

She says they don't deal with the social communciation side of things and so is discharging him. She will write a report and signpost things for the school but I am confused a bit because I thought that was what the referral was about hmm

debs40 Mon 12-Oct-09 21:18:43


wasuup3000 Mon 12-Oct-09 21:53:58

They can work with social communication and social interaction but policies vary wildly depending on PCT budgets and SaLT's available as to whether they will do so or not.

Talkingtot Mon 12-Oct-09 22:18:34

Gosh ... I'm shocked. I'm a speech & language therapist (haven't worked in the NHS for several years now). A fair amount of my caseload was to work with children with social communication problems ... and it was one of the reasons why I started Talking Tots!
Hope you get the support that you need.

debs40 Mon 12-Oct-09 22:40:32

Thanks. I had thought that was the point of the referral. Not sure school are so happy about it being batted right back at them.

SALT told me to look through magazines with him etc talking about sad and happy faces.

I just thought - is that it?

wasuup3000 Mon 12-Oct-09 22:51:32

She sounds a bit weak-ask your Head of service for SaLT what they cover and explain what happened to you-see if she can help at all.

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