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Dd1 getting anxious and upset at bed time.

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Marne Sun 11-Oct-09 19:29:55

For the past 3 nights dd1 (Aspergers) has not been settling at night, she seems fine during the day (hyper) but when she gets too bed she starts to get anxious about problems at school (tiny little things like not being able to stack her chair after lunch) and she is asking for me to stay with her all night (which is not possible as i have to get dd2 to sleep which takes 3 hours).

She's now upstairs screaming for me, i have sent dh up to sort her out (because she knows he wont give in).

I'm not sure why she is doing this, she has been sleeping well for the past year.

She has been so hyper today, hasn't stopped talking and i have had enough from her today, i just can't cope with her being so high all day and so low at bed time. How can i help her and help me understand whats wrong/upsetting her?

She seems to be fine at school, all this started a few days ago after a girl at school pushed in front of dd1 whilst lining up to go home, dd1 got really upset as the children always come out in the same order. She's still upset by this 4 days later and it seems to have triggered off other things such as the stacking of chairs after lunch and not having anyone to play with at break time.

Her teacher says she is happy at school and has a lot of friends, when i pick her up from school lots of children say goodbye to her so she should have people to play with at break times.

I'm also worried she may be feeling left out as i have been spending more time with dd2 (asd) and i sleep down stairs with dd2 at night (because she wakes in the night).

What can i do to make her know i love her as much as dd2? I tell her i love her and we do spend 1:1 time together (maybe not enough).

Sorry for the long post smile.

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