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The flying carpet is revved up - where would you like to escape to?

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flyingmum Sun 11-Oct-09 18:36:56

This comes from a daft game that me and my youngest DS play on my bed where we pretend it is a flying carpet and we can fly anywhere in the world we want to (really good for teaching geography!).

So, I've got my advanced flying carpet certificate. There is no SN, no acronyms, no social workers, no statements,no DLA, no LEA, no tubes, homework, mess, nappies, tantrums or screaming. There has a been a team of people who have arrived at your door to take over EVERYTHING and the children LOVE them. So Where are we going?

I'm pointing towards New Zealand at the mo because I've always wanted to go but am tempted by tropical islands with a perfect beach and a beautiful blue sea.

I can divert though grin . . .

Davros Sun 11-Oct-09 19:43:35

New York

5inthetomb Sun 11-Oct-09 19:45:50

Will there be alcohol provided on this trip?

sickofsocalledexperts Sun 11-Oct-09 19:51:49

somewhere where you just have to say "no more autism" three times and your DS looks at you and says "hi mum, what's for tea" because he's cured.

Sandhills Sun 11-Oct-09 21:58:09

Anywhere that doesn't involve the world of "special needs"

GentleOtter Sun 11-Oct-09 22:07:10

Can it fly me to my bed because I have not got the energy to climb the stairs....?

flyingmum Sun 11-Oct-09 22:07:35

No no special needs

Deffo the alcohol

Davros - heading towards New York now - hold tight.

Sandhills Sun 11-Oct-09 22:11:30

i'm on board and I'll have a large vodka and lemonade please

Militanttendancy Sun 11-Oct-09 22:13:40

Can I climb aboard too? Anywhere but here really, but definitely somewhere warm and sunny, with a free bar, and I fancy sitting by an "infinity" swimming pool, gazing out over beautiful deep blue sea, on my OWN with a good book and a glass of wine.

janess404 Sun 11-Oct-09 22:21:02

i love my son and his special needs make him who he is (4, non verbal autisic) but i would give up everything in the world to hear him say mummy, or tell me how he feels i agree with sickof socalled.

however wouldnt mind the atlantis hotel in dubai

janess404 Sun 11-Oct-09 22:25:30

sorry sound a bit sad its been one of those weekends

Phoenix4725 Mon 12-Oct-09 03:53:26

black coffee here please offers sips to all other passengers to stop inflight snoring and can you drop me of over Hawai have afriend would love to visit

Shells Mon 12-Oct-09 05:31:37

Sorry to let you know that the world of SN is alive and kicking here in New Zealand. But can you come past and pick me up?

I'd like a nice pacific island (no tsunamis please) with lapping waves and a book and a pina colada.

cory Mon 12-Oct-09 08:16:05

Would a detour to the mountains of Lapland be too much hassle, flyingmum? Would do anything for a long WALK in the autumn sunshine.

flyingmum Mon 12-Oct-09 17:54:31

Vrooom vroom (sorry, actually I don't think the thing makes noises like that - I envisage calm swooping and flapping)

To our left you can see a tropical island (no hurricanes) with a lovely bar, infinity pool, endless food and a lovely sandy beach with sand that doesn't get to places you don't want. Landing will commence shortly.

On retake off we will be heading towards colder climes of Lapland, past the otter snoring in her bed (shhhhhh) and allowing for a stop off for a long walk in fresh country air whilst kicking vast quantities of autumn leaves which haven't been pooed on by other peoples' canines.

To cheer up Janes we will then return back to warmer climes for Dubai. Whilst on the carpet please accept the complimentary drinks service which will be continuos and make you feel slightly merry but not drunk at all.

sorry this is a bit daft and frivolous but sometimes (like this weekend) I just dream of escaping it all - the SEN, the housework drudgery, work (especially bonkers LEA who want us to place kids in our unit who really must and absolutely have to have special school), other people just DEMANDING stuff.

waitingforgodot Mon 12-Oct-09 18:15:37

Can you drop me off in the Cook Islands please? Or the South Pacific.
What a great game

anonandlikeit Mon 12-Oct-09 22:07:58

Wahay... on the way to a luxury secluded beach resort somewhere could we stop off at Vegas.
Noisy, brash, bright, sensory overload... fantastic & a complete contrast to my normal life.

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