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NG tube feeding

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sm760 Sun 11-Oct-09 16:04:56

I need to wean my baby off an NG tube...any suggestions from mums who've been there?

meltedmarsbars Sun 11-Oct-09 17:48:55

Sorry - we've been the other direction, so I can't help you but can bump for you!

Great news, weaning off the tube! How old is he/she? Do you have professional support for this stage?

janmumto5 Sun 11-Oct-09 19:17:56

Hi my dd2 is ng tube few fluids atm we have been told when if ever she comes of the ng tube we will be given help to teach her to drink fluids orally

Agree with meltedmarsbars great news about coming off the ng tube x

sm760 Fri 30-Oct-09 11:09:03

He is now 9 months old (6 corrected)and its more that we want to get him off the tube rather than docs telling us too....they don't seem to think being tube fed is a problem at all and would be quite happy for this to go on and on and don't seem to be too bothered.

He was only tube fed initially because he had a heart problem and it helped conserve his energy and get more calories in him but now his heart is fixed and he will take solids orally but refuses point blank to take a bottle now which is why he is still on the tube. We've tried just taking the tube out and leaving him off it for a week and he did start to take milk orally but not much and he lost too much weight in that week so we had to put him back on it because he didn't have the weight to lose.

I've looked on the internet for help from other parents but i seem to keep hearing the same thing, ie that doctors don't seem to be too bothered about trying to get babies off feeding tubes.

Have you been going through this for long yourselves?

herjazz Fri 30-Oct-09 14:16:34

I think its fair to say that you are not going to get a fat lot of practical support from doctor re weaning from tube. They are more concern with yr child's weight / medical stability / development etc. How the fluid gets in is really not their priority - you'll find v few consutants that are overly concerned about bf say. Tis all just a means to an end

However, they should be able to refer you to people who should be better placed to support you. Have you seen a SALT that specilises in feeding issues? Ours was fab - she gave us loads of ideas and also looked at how my dd was actually sucking/ swallowing / chewing etc

Sounds like you are getting there with the eating but struggling with the fluids. Presume you have an assortment of cups and bottles already. Maybe its the bottle itself that yr ds doesn't like - sucking is actually quite hard work. We found initially that our dd 'drank' better having little amounts from a syringe. Then we moved to this cup She could never drink from the spouty bit (or any spouty cup) but was OK with the lid with drinking hole in it - not quite as scary as open cup or doidy. In theory - the doidy cup should have been fine but dd struggled with the amount of liquid. Anyway, I waffle. Sure there's loads of cups you can try
Main advice would be to take it really slow and steady and follow yr ds's cues. Try alternate feeds so he has a 'rest' and uses tube inbetween to start off with. Try not to fret on having it out at all costs - work on him enjoying his drinking. Make the attempts fun - with lots of praise and cuddles as 'reward'. Another thing is to try different drinks - he might not be so fussed for the taste of milk but will respond better to some diluted juice

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