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Can anyone help with suggestions for a present

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feelingbetter Sun 11-Oct-09 11:03:59

For DSs physio?

She has helped us all since he was 10 weeks old and has played a vital role in making him the boy he is today.

Unfortunately, she is a neonatal physio and has hung on to DS for far longer than she should have grin (he is 16 months old now) and its time for her to hand him over.

I'd like something to say thanks that isn't chocolate, wine or flowers, and isn't too sentimental, but I am stuck.

Any input on my trivial problem would be greatly appreciated x

vjg13 Sun 11-Oct-09 11:20:54

Nice plant for the garden or winter hanging basket? M&S have a bulb one for £9.99 that you could plant.

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