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Pizza Hut do gluten free pizzas

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Fio2 Fri 10-Jun-05 15:10:14

if you ask btw

just thought this might be useful to some of you who can get out to pizza hut

Chandra Fri 10-Jun-05 15:15:28

Thank you . Do you need to ask in advance?

flamesparrow Fri 10-Jun-05 15:16:36

Didn't know that! Thanks!

Fio2 Fri 10-Jun-05 15:41:14

bugger sorry it says:

"""Did you know that most eat-in pizza restraunt chains (Pizza Hut etc) will make you a gluten free pizza?

All you need to do is take in your own Gluten free pizza bases and they will make it up for you, alongside all other orders for your table.

They then only charge for toppings. Ring up and check with your restraunt first, brilliant news """so not as good as i imagined, but I suppose better than not. but then again i used to work on the M6 services and a few of my shifts used to be in buger king () and they used to use whatever buns they were givven by the public too to make up the burgers (if necessary)

flamesparrow Fri 10-Jun-05 15:42:54

Ahhhhh! Knew that bit

Oh well, one day!

Fio2 Fri 10-Jun-05 15:44:05

sorry for getting everyones hop0es up!

flamesparrow Fri 10-Jun-05 15:49:40

Tis disgraceful... I think you should be shot at lots and pelted with pizza bases just long enough to make you flounce

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