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How to arrange a meeting with SENCO - am I being unreasonable?

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debs40 Fri 09-Oct-09 15:49:27

OK, I’m back to being frustrated with school again.

DS is 6 in year 2 and undergoing assessment for ASD. He has coordination probs, social and communication difficulties etc

About ten days ago, I asked to arrange a meeting with SENCO and my son’s teachers (he has a jobshare class) about various issues e.g. my son has some TA support for 3 hours a week but it’s only temporary and he’s not on SA or SA+ or anything.

I also provided a list of suggestions including a school/home book.

Everyone said great – good idea. His teacher told me last week she would sort out his school/home book last Friday. She would also see SENco to confirm time to speak.

Another week has gone by but still no SENco appointment, no home/school book and nothing else mentioned.

I suggested to the teacher yesterday that maybe we should talk about it at the parents’ evening next week and maybe SENco could come and she thought that was a good idea but this gives us ten minutes and on past form I’ve no guarantee that SENco will be there unless I email myself.

I don’t think this is being taken seriously but then his reading books aren’t being changed either so I think there is some problem with coordination between the teachers in this class rather than a specific problem regarding my requests.

I also think he's ticking boxes academically and he's going in ok in the mornings now so they're wondering what the fuss is

Should I raise it directly with SENco? I am getting sick of chasing things.

Am I just being unreasonably impatient?

BunnyRabbit Fri 09-Oct-09 15:54:54

No you are not being unreasonable and yes you should raise it yourself. Tell the CT that you are gonig to speak directly to the SENCo. I can't rememeber if he already has an IEP or not? You should arrange a meeting with the SENCo and if the CT wants to be presnt then that's up tot you. The whole point is - Special Educational Needs Co-ornicator- sort of says it all. The SENCo swhould be orgnanising this not really the CT IMHO.

Push for that home book.

DS1's reading book gets changed very irregularly. We don't even bother with it as it is so easy for him. Can you change the book yourself or ask DS too?


BunnyRabbit Fri 09-Oct-09 15:56:43

Sorry about the typos blush

catkinq Fri 09-Oct-09 16:15:35

I only got anywhere with dd by talking to the SENCO myself - I'd just try catchin gyours in the playground or something, informally, and raise your concerns. The SENCO may well be more open to ideas as she is focused on SNs whilst some class teachers seem the opposite and focused on gettign as many children to be the same as poss as less work for them then. (No offense to any teachers reading - I am a teacher but not all teachers are good and OP may well have a dodgy or overworked one)

debs40 Fri 09-Oct-09 17:00:34

Thanks. I just get so sick of chasing my tail on this. I don't know if it's because they don't see a problem, or no one wants to take responsibility.

BR - DS moved schools in Yr1 and he languished on the same reading level for ages. I never mentioned anything as there were so many other issues e.g. getting him to go to school in the first place , but now he's on books which are far too easy.

The book they read in class is the book they take home so that is the reading level they assume he's at.

I mentioned something to the teacher yesterday and she looked taken aback and asked me to bring in a book he reads at home so she could see what he's capable of. I did. And he still came home with the same reading book he's had for the last week.

At least she's available to talk to, I never see the other teacher and she hasn't once asked to speak to me about DS.

cory Fri 09-Oct-09 17:09:37

I would ring up the school and ask for a separate appointment with the SENCO- and then leave Senco to coordinate the rest which is after all a Senco's job description.

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 09-Oct-09 17:58:04

Would go into the school office on Monday and arrange an appointment with the SENCO. Don't bother with phone calls and the like as they are being ignored; face to face is the way forward here.

Debs - it sounds to me too like this school don't have a clue. He certainly should be on SA plus as there presumably have been outside agencies involved to date.
There should also be an IEP - if that is not in place I would ask why this is.

Am glad to read your DS is doing okay academically at present (this may also be a reason for their inaction) but you do need something concrete in place (preferably a Statement) in case it all goes wrong further down the educational line. Junior school for instance can be a tough old game for some children with additional needs.

debs40 Fri 09-Oct-09 18:31:37

Thanks. I don't understand it really. They are very nice to my face and I always come away thinking we've sorted out a problem and then nothing happens e.g. the book. His teacher said she was doing it in her preparation time last Friday. A week later no sign of it. Presumbably, it's just a blank book?

I then wonder if I'm being too demanding and maybe they are getting around to doing it but then I'm worried if I don't chase, weeks go by. It's nearly half term after all.

Then I wonder what I'm trying to achieve by chasing them about these things! I suppose I feel it shouldn't be left to me alone to assess whether he needs help in school long term.

He sees a SALT on Monday for a first appointment at school. Maybe something will come of that.

likeacuppa Fri 09-Oct-09 21:04:29

Just a thought: could you buy a cheap blank book and put it in his book bag labelled home school book? Teachers have so much to do and this is probably just another item in her to-do-list. I bought our home-school book and it didn't seem such a big deal -- and it says to school 'look, I am being a helpful partner' and she'll probably be grateful.

debs40 Fri 09-Oct-09 21:22:35

Ooo that is a good idea.grin

Now one of the teachers has said she will do it, I might speak to her about it first and offer to do it.


Merle Sat 10-Oct-09 09:17:02

debs he must be SA+ if the school have asked for him to be assessed by outside agencies.

debs40 Sat 10-Oct-09 10:19:11

No, Merle, he isn't on anything. I have got the outside agencies involved.

He saw the community Paed in March and was referred on to the consultant Paed who confirmed the hypotonia/hypermobility and coordination issues. He referred on to SALT and OT.

He was the gatekeeper to ADOS referral too so DS was then referred to Child and Family Services. From that he had an appointment in the summer which referred on to the Social Communications Disorder Group and I understand we won't be seen by that until next year.

He has SALT on Monday and will see OT (hopefully) some time before xmas.

The school has had nothing to do with any of this. He did not do his reception year with them and by the time he moved, I was already aware of soem issues which they hadn't yet seen so I set the ball rolling. They have had all the reports though.

I'm not sure they know what to do when it's not come from them and it's just me feeding it all back to them.

I have spoken to a therapist at BIBIC and we are hopefully going to go there some time in the next couple of months.

Merle Sat 10-Oct-09 17:26:29

I'm not sure about this but I would have expected the school to describe him as SA+ as well- it seems a bit artificial to ignore the fact that he has needs because the assessments have been instigated by you. It may be better of course to have you pushing for help, rather than the school I can't see how they can ignore his needs and not describe him as SEN, if you see what I mean.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 10-Oct-09 20:11:16


Am really quite cross here on your behalf.

I would be speaking to the SENCO asap.

It does not matter who actually got these outside agencies involved, the fact that he has already been seen by these people should mean that his school puts him on School Action Plus. Not doing so to date is really poor on the part of the school. He likely does not figure on their SEN register either. Again this is really poor on their part.

I sincerely hope he has a better time at the Junior school next year, hopefully they will more proactive than this useless shower of shite of an infant school. I would be seriously annoyed with this school and you need to kick arse now; your son is falling through the cracks due to their inaction and their innate inability to deal with his additional needs.

I would go over their heads and apply for the Statement now. That may be then in place then for his starting at Junior school.

debs40 Sat 10-Oct-09 20:37:30

Thanks Attila. He is actually at Primary school so will not be changing schools, just moving years. I will ask to see SENCo. He is the deputy head and he does not have a class this year so he should be available! I will raise it after seeing SALT on Monday.

I feel so disappointed in them really as I just thought they would be more switched on than this and that they would guide me rather than the other way around sad

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