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Southpaw weighted jacket for sale

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summitstar Fri 09-Oct-09 13:49:19

I have a southpaw weighted jacket (medium) that I bought for my son but that he never got on with. I bought it for £68 from Rompa. It wont allow me to create link but this is description from rompa website

'Designed specially for clients with proprioceptive and tactile integration dysfunction. These deep pressure vests can also be used to calm the oversensitive and hyper-responsive'.

DIMENSIONS : Size: 51cm shoulder straps, 20 x 86cm chest wrap

Fits snuggly and can be worn under clothes if required. Made of neoprene with strong velcro. Consists of 1 adjustable body wrap and 2 adjustable shoulder straps. Washable.

Please let me kow if anyone is interested.

claw3 Fri 09-Oct-09 14:23:17

What kind of age would that fit?

summitstar Fri 09-Oct-09 16:00:01

Im really not too sure to be honest... the measurements of the vest is above if that helps?

Wanted to offer it on here before I try ebay.

LeonieBooCreepy Sun 11-Oct-09 11:20:22

Message withdrawn

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