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Abstract reasoning/creativity

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Barmymummy Fri 09-Oct-09 10:03:45

It is clear that my DS lacks this!! Bless him he's only 4 but I can already see soooo clearly that his classmates etc are asking sooo many wide and varied questions about anything whereas DS only asked questions about solid things he can see.

So he would ask lots about what things are called and how does it work and what does it do but rarely abstract. Last night he amazed me by asking if I thought the little princess (bedtime story) had a garden? That was a huge milestone to hear smile

Is this something they eventually learn or will they always struggle with this?

Another example is his creative work or lack of it. Was asked to make a face at playschool. His friend came out with a picture of a round face, 2 eyes, a nose and moustache all very nicely placed. My DS came out with a round face and 8 eyes stuck randomly on it hmm. Its obvious he doesn't get this side of things. When I got him home I sat with him and helped and when talked through I found he did OK but just needed helping and for him to look at my face to see what needed doing on the picture but this clearly doesn't come naturally to him.

Just wondered if you had any experience on this? Thanks smile

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