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Visual Timetables

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eidsvold Thu 09-Jun-05 23:35:18

I am thinking of doing one for dd1 - you know laminated master sheet and then pictures/photos I can put on each day so we can see what we have that day - like swimming, playgroup etc.

Dd1 will sign and try to say the word when I sign with her to let her know what we have coming up. Wondered if picture and word would be a further help.

Have been madly taking pics and laminating, and velcroing.

Does anyone else do this?? Successful?!?!?

jennifersofia Fri 10-Jun-05 00:20:54

Hi there - this is regular practice in primary schools for nursery and reception years, and sometimes Year 1. I think it is quite effective and helpful to children - usually have the picture (often quite a simple drawing) with the word(s) underneath, all displayed vertically, eg timetable of the day 9-3:30. In the schools that I have been in (which have a very high percentage of children with English as an additional language) teachers would point at each activity as it is coming up and say what it is, and then at the end of the activity, take the picture off "we have finished lunch so we can take that off now. Now we are going to do some singing" etc.

eidsvold Fri 10-Jun-05 04:56:29

ohh that might be a thought for bedtime and morning - getting ready - to help her feel more independant. As well as prepare her for kindy.

Thanks for those other suggestions!!

Jayzmummy Sat 11-Jun-05 00:14:30 house is covered in visual timetables for J and I can say since starting them just over a year ago he has come on in leaps and bounds. Ive made him little book's now that he is older and have them hanging around in different rooms. In the bathroom we have the shower book, which has a piccie for each stage of having a shower, brushing teeth book is the same.
In his bedroom he has the getting dressed book and the tidying my room book. He loves them and they really help him to take some responsibilty now for day to day activities.

MotherEve Mon 27-Jun-05 00:49:31

We're just doing the EarlyBird Plus course with the NAS - they have given us some great ideas re these - hence the purchase of the laminator. Just need to get the sticky back velcro now ... might as well get a big reel!

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