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Is it just me?

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BagPuss71 Wed 07-Oct-09 16:28:43

My DS is approaching 5 and has just started main stream school. He has settled well and loves going

There has been some suspicion for some time that he may have some form of autisum although if he does to appears to be mild and he presently awaiting assessment for this. He is trying so hard to make friends but doesn't have the social skills to do so. We are having a party for his birthday and he has chosen the children he wanted to invite. He gave out the invitation and is very excitied and lots have accepted. Sadly though, he has not been invited to any parties held by the others that are going on at school and I feel so sad that maybe he is being discriminated against. One child in particular he has known since the age of 2 - all of the children in our little'circle'of friends have been included but not my DS. Are people really so shallow or it just me? being too sensitive?

bubblagirl Wed 07-Oct-09 16:36:46

i think sometimes we feel quite sensitive in school my ds has small group of friends has only just started and appears to get on great we have by a little girl in his class been invited to her party which i am so chuffed about but she was only allowed 7 people so there is alot with NT children who feel quite put out

but she and my ds have done school jobs together and she has taken a shine some of the children still haven't mingled so much

so maybe the invites have been given to the children who this said child plays with the most within school not known the longest

at pre school my ds wa snot invited to 1 party which broke my heart bit i still understood he didnt play with them as much as the others invited and they could only cater for so many
there is plenty of time to make friends and be invited ot other parties so dont take it personally he will be invited to a party at some point i didnt think my ds would ever be and then he was

bubblagirl Wed 07-Oct-09 16:38:07

oh also the parties he wa snot invited to was people he had known for years too but i understood they didnt mingle so much within the class im sure your ds will amke other friends and be invited to there party

maybe get some play dates going and form some friends and with the parents

bubblagirl Wed 07-Oct-09 16:38:27

was not not snot lol

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