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Should I mention DS1 only one wearing Hi Vis?

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BunnyRabbit Tue 06-Oct-09 12:13:17

Was at school last week and saw pictures of farm trip (it's round the corner so they've been 3 times already this term).

DS1 appeared to be the only one wearing a hi vis jacket. He has ASD but no developmental delay, he is advanced and only ever walked out of school at the beginning of reception last year.

So why is he in Hi Vis?? I have a meeting with the CT tonight to discuss provisions for his SN. Should I mention it? I want to but don't want to come accross as bolshy. Would you?

Was thinking of just saying. 'Did DS1 ask to wear jacket?' and see what she says.


janess404 Tue 06-Oct-09 12:36:17

yes the reason my son is in main stream education is i want him to be treated like a NORMAL child as much as possible.

I dont mean the adove in a bad way just the easiest way to explain it

god all this stepping on egg shells this SN worl a hard place

ChopsTheDuck Tue 06-Oct-09 12:56:12

I don't know, if he has walked out once, I can see why they would need to keep an eye on him. I'd rather be safe than sorry tbh.

My ds escaped 3 times in primary, which isn't that frequent, but the risk that he would did mean precautions had to be taken.

meltedmarsbars Tue 06-Oct-09 14:01:16

I would ask why he was the only one in the high viz jacket: its singling him out - if its not necessary for his own safety, then why do it?

If it was judged necessary for his safety, why were you, as his parent, not informed as a courtesy?

BunnyRabbit Tue 06-Oct-09 14:36:57

Thanks all.

He walked out in reception in the first term as things weren't going his way. This is before his diagnosis. It is not an issue as far as I'm aware and he has never misbehaved on a trip to my knowledge. If fact, if they are worried he might run off, shouldn't they make sure they are keeping an eye on him. I'm not sure it is acceptable to penalise him for something that he (or any other child) might do. Nor, if they want me to get shirty about it, is it entirely legal.

I like the whole "DS is in mainstream so he can fit in" idea.. I might run with this if the need arises.

Yes I too am sick of flaming egg shells... god forbid I should offend someone by just coming out and asking the question I want to ask "is he in hi vis 'cos he's SN?". Because there are plenty of little "darlings" in his year who could do with a leash in my (and other people's) opinion if they want to start singling people out.

Sorry blush off my ever so high horse now.

Off to school in the rain.. wish me luck.


UniS Tue 06-Oct-09 15:14:33

just wondering... does he chose to wear it? if they go there frequently, did they wear Hi Vis the first time so he wants to wear it each time?
I know a couple of 4 yr olds who believe that Hi vis is THE thing to wear in certain situations.

catkinq Tue 06-Oct-09 16:10:47

why not get your own vest with "look at me I'm odd" printed on the back and ask if he can wear that instead as it gets the message across more efficiently - maybe they'd get the point then

janess404 Tue 06-Oct-09 16:28:58

Another point which seems silly is regardless of him having a bright jacket on or not he should be been watched and supervised properly, a bright jacket is not a substitute for proper supervision iycwim

sazm Tue 06-Oct-09 16:32:48

at our playgroups all kids have to wear a high-vis vest as part of health and safety or they are not allowed to take the kids out anywhere,i take it schools are different?

lol i love catkings reply,
its def strange to have one child wearing one,and not the rest,regardless of whether he has special needs or not,the child would obv feel singled out,

good luck x

meltedmarsbars Tue 06-Oct-09 16:41:58

Haven't you got your obligatory "I'n an SN Mum" high viz jerkin yet?

All the rage, you know, in some parts!

BunnyRabbit Tue 06-Oct-09 17:28:01

I think I should get one of those!

I think playgroups/nurseries do and DS1's holiday club all do (it's at DS2's nursery) when they're out.

Well it was all a false alarm (cue "sensitive over protective mummy" comments) Aparantly there are only 4 jackets and one is given to one child in each group of children. Something to do with H&E. Just coincidence that the other 3 jackets are not that bright and the wearers are not in the pictures. I was very polite though and all went well.

Actually it was a very good meeting. They have arranged for DS1 to join another 5 children (some year 2s) doing 'gym trail' 3 days a weak so they can concentrate on his core and shoulder girdle strength issues as well as gross motor skills. It's 25 mins a day so very impressed. We discussed the other 2 days and he will be doing social skills excercises from this week.

Was surprised that she pussy footed around DS1's issues until it became obvious that she has not seen his DX report and did not know that he had an official diagnosis of ASD!!!! Anyway, gave her a copy so things should be easier now. Also discussed his 'day' book and explained that I need feedback on how he copes/behaves/reacted rather than I line saying " Bear walks. Crab walk".

All in all a very positive meeting. smile

Happy for the moment hmm but no doubt that will change.

THanks for being there guys... grin


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