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I might be being oversensitive, but I'm not normally...

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elmosworld Mon 05-Oct-09 23:41:37

I know it isn't a big deal - I'm just starting to get concerned that I am taking everything too personally.

I do some freelance articles for a website. I get sent the title and then have to write an article about it.

I got one through today saying "DISTURBING BEHAVIOUR IN PRE-SCHOOLERS: Tips to help parents deal with hitting, kicking and tantrums."

It's the disturbing bit which has got to me. I emailed and double checked, it is referring to neuro-typical youngsters. I suggested it should be "Challenging Behaviour" -
and that there is a big difference when someone's little one is playing up because they want a polly pocket and can't have it (challenging but normal lol)
to when a little one is headbanging because the hoover or hairdryer has been switched on... I don't call it disturbing, but it's certainly more so than a normal paddy that all kids have and can see why some people may do.

It just seems a bit harsh a word to me, even when talking about SN children... DS has 3 step cousins on his dad's side that show disturbing behaviour because they were sexually abused by their biological father - honestly, the youngest was 3 when they came into the family (a year after their dad was put in jail) and he did the most DISTURBING ... reinactments?... to people out of nowhere, for no apparent reason. - That's what I would think about.

Anyway, I am rambling now! They're not changing the title so I have to put up with it, BUT:

Just wanted to see what other people thought about NT children's tantrums and normal naughtyness being considered as disturbing?

Am I really loosing my marbles? shock

claw3 Mon 05-Oct-09 23:57:10

LOL a sure sign you have been in the special needs world!

One of my friends complained that her child (without special needs) was a 'nightmare' for getting dressed for school. I showed her a video on my mobile of my ds kicking, punching, pinching and hissing like a snake as i tried to dress him. I think her definition of 'nightmare' changed

I much prefer your title.

elmosworld Tue 06-Oct-09 01:02:27

Just replied on your thread about PECS again and mentioned nightmareish school times lol... I am dreading that.. DS isn't there yet... HELP!

linglette Tue 06-Oct-09 09:15:20

I don't think you're oversensitive - I think you have an ear for the "overtones" of a word being used to describe a behaviour. Maybe your child's SN have trained you to "hear" those overtones more clearly than the person who wrote the headline in draft?

elmosworld Tue 06-Oct-09 19:42:30

Yes Linglette, I think maybe you are right!

Still don't understand why they wouldn't change the title and keywords to more appropriate words.. hmm

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