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Need something really special as present for Support teacher

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mumof8kids Mon 05-Oct-09 14:24:13


My son is due to start school in January, am really lucky as the class he is in will only have 14 children and this is a mainstream school. Am trying to find something really meaningful as a thankyou gift for his TAPS worker as could not have gotten through without her. He was given 5hrs she ha given him 4 days instead. Any ideas

meltedmarsbars Mon 05-Oct-09 14:31:02

Its so hard to choose special presents - so instead, I do a summer party for all the personal assistant and carer-type people involved in my dd2's life and their children at the end of the holidays. We invite all school helpers, babysitters, and carers she has had throughout her short life, and their children, I provide food and wine and a treasure hunt for the kids.

We view it as a "thank you" and make that clear in the invitation, and they all come and enjoy themselves and meet each other.

We had about 15 plus kids this year!

glittery Mon 05-Oct-09 18:38:00

What about something from the willowtree collection?

we chose this one for ds's key worker when he left nursery as it looked a bit like her holding him, she cried buckets!

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