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Where can I buy a Trike tricycle for a child?

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Militanttendancy Mon 05-Oct-09 10:01:18

Looking for a pretty/trendy trike/tricycle for my 6 year old DD, she has balance and co-ordination problems but would love to ride a bike.

MavisEnderby Mon 05-Oct-09 10:04:07

OhI posted a similar questionrecently,tho dd younger.If you scroll down you may find it.

Quest 88 do them,butthey are quitwe expensive,also several other companies,I am v tired after nights and brain not functioning but hopefully you can find thread,will try link...

MavisEnderby Mon 05-Oct-09 10:11:04

Militanttendancy Mon 05-Oct-09 10:35:16

Thank you! Will have a read of thread!

madwomanintheattic Mon 05-Oct-09 18:34:59

if you don't need the bells and whistles (ie pelvic/ trunk support and lots of straps) have a look at Pashley bikes too. i think they have trikes all the way up to adult that don't look too 'sn'. depends how much additional support she needs.

Militanttendancy Tue 06-Oct-09 19:54:24

Thanks for the info! Have had a look, found a really nice one, but the price! WOW! I think that I need to start saving fast for Christmas.

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