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only wanting one friend.

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ki28 Mon 05-Oct-09 09:45:03

hi guys,hpe you all doing ok?
just a quick question if you have time to read through it.

my ds 4and half,is just going through the runs of a dx as the school has worries regurading him and asd. lots of the problems they have highlighted ie,eye contact,trouble with sounds and motor skills have all extremley improved since we have spent more time on them during the hols and we have found out he has a slight hearing problem in one ear.
But, he seems to only want one friend at a time?? and gets confused wen this one friend doesnt want to play wit him,he says 'dont you like me,dnt you wanna be my friend'. It has been just boy so far,but now it has changed to another.
he does play with others but web they say you wannd be friends he says no and that he has one friend and only wants one friend. this upsets other kids.
he has gone from really struggling with having any social skills while at school to only wanting the one friend and being i suppose soffacating to him. Am very confused on how to help and support him reguarding this.
Any ideas ladies???
thanks x

Marne Mon 05-Oct-09 13:35:19

Hi Ki28, i think this is normal for most 4 year olds, dd1 started school last year and quite often i would here her friends saying 'sorry x,i cant be friends with you today because i'n friends with z'. My dd1 has Aspergers and has a lot of friends but only one close friend. I think the whole starting school and socializing thing is a little confusing for young children.

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