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Please talk to me about ABA and my son

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heaintheavy Sun 04-Oct-09 23:01:36

I am writing this as I have over recent times seen posts from people who seem to be using an ABA programme in not-dissimilar situations.

I have often seen comments here about the effectiveness of ABA. But for some reason, rather assumed that it would not be suitable for my son (too old? too able?). But would it help him / us? and if so where do we go for help?
He is nearly 7, academically very able and verbal. Mostly OK at home but struggling so badly in m/s school that his behaviour is unacceptable more often than anyone can keep putting up with. Without going into too much detail, I don't think the school can realistically do any better than they are.
We are really struggling identifying any suitable alternatives, and not even sure whom to turn to for advice.
I am wondering whether ABA (possibly home-based as 'home-ed' to start with) would be an appropriate way forward. Would ABA be suitable for us (conquer the unacceptable behaviour, and enable continuing learning)? where do we start? who do we contact? any other good ideas of any type?? we are at such a loss to know not just what to do for the best but also how to find out ....

apologies if this didn't make much sense, and many, many thanks

heaintheavy Mon 05-Oct-09 07:15:45

should have added, that he has ASD, with sensory and motor skills difficulties. He is considered to be significantly affected by his ASD. Thanks.

Davros Mon 05-Oct-09 08:12:24

Sorry, must rush DD to school. First advice I would give is JOIN (don't just contact) PEACh, the UK charity for ABA. Its a start. Try to find other local families doing ABA, there are bound to be some at every ASD group going, whether NAS or other. Sorry, must dash.

smallwhitecat Mon 05-Oct-09 13:44:18

Message withdrawn

sickofsocalledexperts Mon 05-Oct-09 16:32:08

if you are in London or nearby I know an ABA supervisor who might have some sessions available for you to learn all about ABA (or VB, the branch we use).when we first started he did 2 3-hour training sessions for me and DH so we got the picture of what it's all about. He does work with older kids too, so 7 would be fine

heaintheavy Mon 05-Oct-09 17:44:15

sickof ... We are just over 1hr by train from London, so that could be do-able. can you post the details? or CAT me? I could talk to him about the sort of children and issues he works with. Thanks.

sickofsocalledexperts Mon 05-Oct-09 19:16:33

Hea I am not sure if he would travel that far tbh, they are much in demand so tend to pick and choose, but I could give you his number and he could even just give you advice on phone or arrange a one-off session?I will CAT you

PipinJo Mon 05-Oct-09 21:09:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MoonlightMcKenzie Mon 05-Oct-09 21:38:00

Sickof I'd be interested in your contact if you don't mind.

Davros I emailed you on an old email address I found on an 06 thread. Did you get it?

Can someone give me a picture of the logistics of a programme.

What is the difference between a consultant, superviser, leader and tutor etc. and how much of each do you need?

We were thinking of going with DF, but he's sending someone else, who sounds very promising on the phone, but I'm not sure whether that means she is a supervisor or consultant or whether we will be paing consultant fees for a superviser or ........ Idunno, - it's all so confusing at this stage.

grumpyoldeeyore Tue 06-Oct-09 07:39:16

We've just started ABA and my DS (2.11) does not really have many problem behaviours apart from stimming. What I would say is these have really reduced since we started. As DS is really engaged when he is doing ABA he now does not stim at all during therapy sessions - even in the breaks - his play has become much more typical. ABA starts with the learning to learn skills - compliance (eg sitting at table / following instructions); attention (listening and looking at what the tutor is doing); imitation (essential for learning) etc. We are going to address issues like toileting and diet through ABA. Its based on a reward system - do a task and immediately get a reward (eg time with favourite toy) - then you build up the work time before the reward. It can work with any age but it sees likely your DS has not got the foundations yet. However, I also went to the PLAY project workshop (based on Floortime) in London yesterday and the speaker was advocating 2-4 hours play a day (for younger children than yours but older children would make progress but probably not as fast). He said the more time the child was "engaged" with an adult the more the undesired behaviours reduced naturally. So to a great extent I think both methods have the same premise which is intensive 1:1 time spent doing productive activities with an adult will reduce problem behaviour. The problem with mainstream as I see it is that the TA's etc don't really know how to get the attention of the child and engage them - or to keep this up through the day - i mean it is intensive and exhausting and you have to have loads of activities prepared - its a lot of work. My DS is just regaining language he lost when he regressed and is able (can read and spell some words at 2). One option would be ABA shadow to go into school so you would not necessarily need to home educate, at least not FT. But that might be a longer term goal - ie start with ABA at home and then move to school. Many parents who did ABA at pre school age continue doing a smaller programme after school. We use autism partnership and they don't charge for an initial meeting to find out what they can offer. They also run social skills groups etc for older children.

smallwhitecat Tue 06-Oct-09 13:48:58

Message withdrawn

Davros Wed 07-Oct-09 16:34:49

moonlight, didn't get an email so its probably old. Can you CAT me? I'll check if my membership is up-to-date. MN don't seem to send reminders or, if they do I've always missed them in the 6 years I've been a member!

MoonlightMcKenzie Wed 07-Oct-09 17:48:15

don't have CAT, because it is never my intention to be here next week blush


No spaces or > obviously.

Davros Fri 09-Oct-09 14:07:36

Hi Moonlight, just emailed you, hope it works

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