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SALT keeps saying although DS is showing traits of autism.....

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waitingforgodot Sat 03-Oct-09 14:47:26

it may not necessarily be autism. She mentioned it could be a number of different things which present similar behaviours at this age (3) and she feels he is too young for a diagnosis. Do you reckon this is because she is unsure or because she has a feeling its something else or is this the line that all SALTS give parents now? I had only just got my head round the fact that he may be on the spectrum. How come some kids can be diagnosed at this age but not others?

cyberseraphim Sat 03-Oct-09 15:03:45

What other things did she mean ? If he is a borderline case, it could be hard to dx at 3. SALTs are not usually experienced enough to dx autism though there may be exceptions.

waitingforgodot Sat 03-Oct-09 15:07:01

She mentioned dyslexia, dyspraxia and aspergers.
She is part of the team who will be writing a report for the diagnostic team so maybe she is covering her own back by keeping it vague?
How are you anyway cyberseraphim?

cyberseraphim Sat 03-Oct-09 15:14:28

It's possible to over analysise what one person says though it's hard to stop it when you are worried. Aspergers is a form of autism, I thought dyslexia was a letter recognition disorder - Is he reading?

I'm clearing up dust from a building project ... not much fun.

waitingforgodot Sat 03-Oct-09 15:24:03

I know I am thinking about every little part of the conversation to analyse it.
No he's not reading yet. I am not sure if she means the speech delay may be reflecting some other disorder. Who knows.
I didn't know til last week that Aspergers kids can have speech delay. I am on a very steep learning curve!
Enjoy the building project! Are your boys "helping"?!!

cyberseraphim Sat 03-Oct-09 15:30:59

The Aspergers dx says

There is no clinically significant general delay in language (e.g., single words used by age 2 years, communicative phrases used by age 3 years).

I think there is general assumption that Aspergers children will not have speech delay but in Asperger's own cases, most of the children did have odd or delayed speech. Hmm..No wonder someone once told me there are more people researching autism than there are autistic people in the world (probably a joke ?)

DS2 is asking builders to hurry up with his playroom. DS1 is asking to climb down their ladders constantly

troutpout Sat 03-Oct-09 15:34:20

Aspergers is a form of autism..someone with a diagnosis of aspergers would be 'on the autistic spectrum' .
Dyspraxia...well...i find myself trying to work out what the difference between aspergers and dyspraxia actually these days. The symptoms are practically the same
ds has a diagnosis of Aspergers and dyspraxia...not sure where one ends and the other starts grin

waitingforgodot Sat 03-Oct-09 16:56:12

Thats interesting troutpout. What kind of symptoms did your ds display?

Cyberseraphim-ladders are very exciting

MoonlightMcKenzie Sun 04-Oct-09 13:44:36

There is no such thing as too early for a dx imo in the current climate. Dx don't have to be true to be helpful. Apart from anything else, the diagnositc process can give you and the professionals a lot of information about your child.

You have to make your own decision, but here there is absolutely no support here without a diagnosis, and although I felt I knew my ds well enough to not need one, - I didn't think THEY did and they listen more to Paediatricians than Parents.

Before you get shock about my saying that a diagnosis doesn't have to be true. I think many parents with a child with autism come to realise sooner or later that a diagnosis is not an exact science and all you can hope for in any case is an 'indicator' rather than anything concrete or unchanging.


moondog Sun 04-Oct-09 13:47:47

I agree with Moonlight and I work in this field.

waitingforgodot Sun 04-Oct-09 15:33:31

Thanks for that. The wheels are in motion to going down the diagnosis route however I have been fairly proactive in terms of seeking out appropriate support and services. I haven't yet encountered anything that requires a formal diagnosis however I am sure it will happen.
Moondog, I know this is your field-do you reckon my SALT is fobbing me off or is it standard practice to list all the disorders linked to speech delay?

moondog Sun 04-Oct-09 15:51:21

I couldn't comment really as I don't know the case.
SALTs have a professional code to which they must adhere.

waitingforgodot Sun 04-Oct-09 16:01:16

fair enough

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