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poking bottoms

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sodit Fri 02-Oct-09 12:02:07

ds1 (3 speech and language delay, asd?) enjoys attention from other people, it started with trying to tickle people now he has started poking people usually in the bottom - usually in shop queues. i know their bottom is at his height so it is the nearest part to him grin i try to grab his hand if he looks like he is going to do it. I keep having to say sorry he does it to men and women, I keep getting some funny grins especially the men blush he grins at them when he has done it so they know its him. As he cant speak its his way of trying to interact. anyone else dc do things like this and any tips.

ChopsTheDuck Fri 02-Oct-09 12:31:51

my ds is 7 and still does it!

I don't know what it is, he doesnt poke as much as just want to touch them. He can talk though doesn't really like to talk to strangers. It just seems to be an uncontrollable urge and the more I tell him not to the more he wants to do it.

He especially likes touching people like the lollipop man, and anyone who comes to the house. He touches them then runs off giggling. He completely freaked out the contractor that was here last week, as he wouldn't leave him alone.

I think ignoring it is probably the best tactic, but it doesn't help when they keep getting reactions from the pokees!

Jo5677 Fri 02-Oct-09 12:39:33

Lol,sorry i probably shouldn't laugh but as my son used to do exactly the same i kind of feel its ok to laugh. My son also used to call all men he saw Daddy....a man was just a daddy to him in his mind. He would often tap a man on his bum and when the man turned around he'd then point up at him and say 'Daddy'. One time this young couple were in a que infront of us and my son did this,and the man's girlfriend started asking him why 'that boy' kept pointing and calling him daddy blush if he didn't know him.
John Lewis is my nearest shop and it used to be majorly embarassing when my son would tap people on their bottoms in there as no one ever saw the funny side blush.
My son has speech and language delay,gdd and asd and he started doing that at around 3years,by 4ish he'd stopped. I don't have much advice i'm afraid,all i kept doing was saying 'no,we don't do that' and apologizing,and then worrying what people thought i'd taught him about how to greet people lol.
Sorry i've no words of wisdom,but hopefully he'll find other ways of getting peoples attention shortly smile

sodit Fri 02-Oct-09 13:22:50

thinking about it when i used to teach, kids of 11 used to do it to get my attention, they just poke or grab without thinking what they are grabbing. thing is through when i try to stop him he just laughs and it becomes a game so its double fun he gets a reaction from the pokee and mummy trying to grab his hand.
he also did the dada thing with a friend of dp the other day, he just laughed and said i'm not your dadda so ds1 laughed and called him mumma whilst laughing grin

Jo5677 Fri 02-Oct-09 13:33:42

My daughter is quad CP and she often finds it funny when i tell her of. I remember a couple of years ago having the constant problem with her that whenever i took her out and people looked at her she would 'moo' make the noise a cow does and then burst into fits of laughter. The more i told her of for doing this the more she thought it was just a game and the more she would moo at people to see mine and their reaction.
I just had to keep ignoring it until one day she just forgot to do it.
Having 2 children with different disabilities i've developed a sense of humour over most things,if i hadn't i might have gone potty by now lol.
At least you get some people who'll just see the funny side smile

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