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And to think I was scared of you lot.......

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MoonlightMcKenzie Fri 02-Oct-09 09:56:04

And now I feel right at home.

I wasn't exactly scared but I suppose it was a world I had yet to understand and if I'm honest didn't want to be in.

Well now I'm in it, and it isn't half as bad as I expected. Well dealing with the 'agencies' is far far worse than I expected, but you lot and other parents are a privilege to know.

Thanks for your support.

debs40 Fri 02-Oct-09 10:03:07

Moonlight - I don't know what I'd do without this board! It's always so encouraging to see people who are in the same position and are meeting the challenges with skill and compassion.

We're a year on from the start of the ASD assesment process with DS and I can't believe I'm now posting with tips as well as asking for them!

PeachyTentativelyPosting Fri 02-Oct-09 10:16:05

LOL debs, you wait until you've been posting here 5 years like me.... seriosuly at that lecture last week I could have easily annotated his notes on reasioons to get / not get a dx, effects on family and current diagnostic procedure about 10 times over (I only put hand up once, I figured if I was annoyed by the lady whose hand was permanently up then I didnt want people to feel same about me)

This board is incredible, I still remember the first reply I ever recived to this day, after a bad aprents evening. In retropsect I was in denial for a good whilse when ds1 ws small (he was first refered at 2 but we cancelled it) and I think this board was what kept me strong enough to fllow up, esp. when ds3 was picked up, and now with ds2

debs40 Fri 02-Oct-09 10:33:01

I remember the first time someone understood DS's desire to chew EVERYTHING!

It makes it all seem so normal and not so isolating doesn't it?

Because of a discussion on this board this week, I mentioned DS's SCD to a couple of playground friends yesterday and they were lovely. It just made me feel so much better and not so isolated.

ki28 Fri 02-Oct-09 11:38:54

i agree totally,this board has been like my handook reguarding ds suspected asd. Im finding myself quouting comments from here to teachers and them looking back in shock at knowledge i have gained in such a short space of time,It doesnt seem so scary or daunting(well most of time anyway. so BIG THANK YOUS to you all. xx

meltedmarsbars Fri 02-Oct-09 12:56:40

Funnily enough, it was a professional who told me to look on here for advice - and enlightened OT.

feelingbetter Fri 02-Oct-09 19:26:41

It is lovely here, I don't venture out much anywhere else - don't need to.
Don't know quite what I'd have done without the help and advice on here, and have learned looooaaaadddssss of stuff about other SNs too.

The Daily Mail shit really annoyed me and I am still quite wary of what I post, but I still read everything and will no doubt be spilling my guts to the next person who needs it, as so many did for me <<very very grateful emoticon>>

5inthetomb Fri 02-Oct-09 20:07:48

Glad you feel at home here MMcK.

This board has given me such good information, support and just knowing that I'm not the only person having the same problems lifts me up enough to fight another day.

Phoenix4725 Fri 02-Oct-09 20:29:03

without this board ds would not be getting what he does no and lol the Lea would have had one less Pita

starfish71 Fri 02-Oct-09 20:32:37

Just wanted to say I am finding this forum really helpful as I am just starting to go down assessement route for my DS and it is really good to know there are many other going or have gone through the same. And I am already starting to sound (a bit) like I know a thing or two when talking to school! thanks x

MavisEnderby Fri 02-Oct-09 21:11:10

Hello Moonlight,I often post lots of random nonsensical drivel on the mb and have read your posts.I think it is normal to feel like this,but have found a lot of help from the sn board tho i still post much crap on the main board.SN has helped enormously though,everyone has been lovely and good if i want a winge.

Regards to your and your dc/s.

MoonlightMcKenzie Fri 02-Oct-09 22:38:56

grin Thanks everyone. I'm the type of person that 'finds out' things, but without the leads and the suggestions and the information given here it would have taken me 10x as long, and time isn't something my ds has, - so really, he's too young to understand or thankyou himself, but if he knew about you, he'd say to you all 'violet hexagon'!

uddy Fri 02-Oct-09 22:50:14

this board could be a life saver for some ive been on here a few months now an what a difference its not just posting myself but also reading i aint alone and some are much worse than mine so it gives me a reality check to stop feeling sorry for myself an get on with it. i also use it to look up on dyspraxia issues for a friend of mine brilliant.

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