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Infantile Spasms

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jules39 Wed 08-Jun-05 16:12:58

My dd is 4.5 yrs now, and has GDD, speech and language delay, and shows some very challenging behaviour. She has had 5 seizures since easter weekend, her first seizure lasted 20 mins and she was hospitalised for 4 days, and had another seizure whilst in hospital. The last 3 seizures have all been around 2/3 weeks apart and they have all been without the shaking, whereas the first two were with shaking and were quite severe. We are now waiting for the eeg results from GOSH.

I must admit as this is all pretty recent and we're still getting used to dealing with the seizures I cannot help but feel really worried, as to whats the cause behind them. DD has been tested in the past as to why she developmentally delayed, and all tests proved negative.

After listening to all your stories about infantile spasms, it seems my worries it seems there are a lot of mums with a lot more to worry about than myself.

Bethron Wed 08-Jun-05 16:16:58

Message withdrawn

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