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Respite and direct payments are we likeley to get what has been recommended?

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magso Wed 30-Sep-09 14:03:27

After many years of trying we finally got an initial assessment done for ds. It recommends overnight respite and a few small number of hours dp a week. First are we likely to get what is recommended - or do they routinely reject or slash the um hour(s) recommended? Do we use the dps for overnight respite (once a blue moon then) or is it separate? Is it normal not to include (mod/sev) LD as a disability in the report(ds has ASD and ADHD as well) or has this been left off (perhaps because it would not help)?
Its all new to me!

sarah293 Wed 30-Sep-09 15:35:04

Message withdrawn

meltedmarsbars Wed 30-Sep-09 16:26:59

You should get what SS have recommended.

Problems might be that there may be a waiting list for overnight respite, so that may take longer to set up than home help. Here the overnight respite is 5 nights in ten weeks, split into 2-night and 3-night chunks, after a few introductory tea-time slots.

Help in the home is seperate from overnight "away" care. Here we have funding for a set number of hours a month, but we use it up/carry it over to the next month as it suits us and the carer.

Don't know about the LD being not/included in the report - ask your SW.

Most of all, ENJOY the time and don't feel guilty either for having it or for leaving your dc or for admitting that its bl* hard work doing it all yourself!

magso Wed 30-Sep-09 18:28:45

All sounds positive then! Thanks everyone for replying. Have only had one night alone with dh since ds arrived (he is nearly 10) so it all sounds exciting. It does say short term. Collapsed on ds again today (but ok now- managed to get in house away from road before going down - stupidly got too much shopping)so the sooner the better!

Have found a potential carer (brilliant with ds- doing child care sn course with pt placements by day) will she need to be registered in some way?

meltedmarsbars Wed 30-Sep-09 18:29:39

SS should do the CRB check for you: they did for us.

meltedmarsbars Wed 30-Sep-09 18:30:35

SS should also organise and pay for any special training needed by the carer (eg gastrostomy feeding training)

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