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Some advice re: SALT with a child with sensory issues. + a Q about skin picking.

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NaccetyMac Wed 30-Sep-09 10:40:26

Hello all!

I've just spoken to the local SALT (avoiding the HV, naughty!) regarding DS1. He had a year of SALT individually and in groups, but we have moved areas so have to start the process again.

She offered either SALT alone, or referral to a multi-disciplinary team. I chose SALT alone, beacause it's local, and he's doing so well at Nursery this year that I don't want to be taking him out.

His behaviour has improved a million percent since we moved - the nursery is a much, much better environment than the one he was in in England, he's relaxed and is interacting with other children, which is a first for him! So I don't know if he needs OT atm. He did have a mov-n-sit cushion in England, but the nusery here doesn't require children to sit for any length of time, so it's not really neccessary IMO. TBH I'm not even sure if he'll be allocated much SALT as he's come on so much.

WWYD? Is it worth getting the OT just because it's offered? I DON'T want him statemented, and I don't particuarly want a label if we can avoid it.

My other Q is that he constantly picks at his head when he's anxious. His scalp is always covered in scabs. There are no nits, no obvious rashes or anything. This has been going on about a year. Has anyone come across it?

DLI Wed 30-Sep-09 19:39:55

hi, my ds is nearly six and among other things has speech and language difficulties and sees SALT. he also has sensory issues as well as other things ie fine and gross motor skill delay (very slightly). He has seen the OT and they prepared a report on him. They then sent it to his school together with examples of what extra things they could do with him. He doesnt have a statement but it does help his teachers when it comes to preparing the IEP. It also means he gets extra help tailored to his needs without having to leave mainstream school. I have always tried to avoid my ds being labeled or statemented but if any professional can offer assistance to give him the best chance he can educationally then i will try it. Worst case scenario is he does get statemented but the best scenario is he gets the help he needs. i see the best scenario outweighing the worst. That just my opinion, I would accept the offer from the OT but you may have reasons not to. You need to decide what you think is best for your ds.

hope this helps, if only to bump your questions up to get more responses

TotalChaos Wed 30-Sep-09 20:04:56

I've been a skin picker on and off since childhood. It's a bit like biting nails - that sort of not ideal habit. It can be very loosely associated with OCD or Body Dysmorphic Disorder - but I know of people who pick without having any other issues. IME - it's not just stress that's a trigger = it's boredom, or just the "habit" of it - that you do it almost subconsciously - so what helps is makign yourself aware of when you do it, and supply other things to do with your hands instead.

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