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What should I be doing?

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colabottlefizzy Tue 29-Sep-09 21:06:35

DS is 3 and has ASD and due to start school in September. He is currently in nursery and seems to be doing well.
He has been discharged from his one - one within the Early Intervention Service and is due to start a program with group therapy to help with his social skills, he no longer needs to see his paed and it's doubtful he will be seeing SALT again. He is currently on the waiting list to see an Ed Psyc.
I'm just wondering if there is anything I need to be doing/pushing for? I've seen on other thread things about IEP's (not sure what that is?)I'm in Northern Ireland at the moment but will hopefully be moving back to England for when ds starts school.
I'm just really worried I'm doing something wrong and feel pretty clueless tbh.

LIZS Wed 30-Sep-09 11:25:16

IEP is an Individual Education Plan which defines agreed targets specific to the child's needs and are reassessed during the school year. So for some it might be to achieve a pencil grip and draw a circle, others recognise a group of letter sounds or maybe social ie to stay in position in line. You could meet the SENCO of the school and discuss any reports, issues etc ahead of him starting and perhaps meet the teacher too.

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