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Free nappies

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eidsvold Tue 07-Jun-05 22:52:45

I have just joined a parent group here in Aus called association of families with children with disabilities - or something like that. They are a lobby group who lobby the govt on issues that carers /people with disabilities face.

So what I am wanting to know - is what is the deal with free nappies. It seems here they get s stipend towards buying nappies and once that is gone - you have to pay the rest.

So I wanted to give them the UK experience that they may be able to quote when lobbying for mroe support in that area.

pixiefish Tue 07-Jun-05 23:11:29

bumping for you eidsvold

pixiefish Tue 07-Jun-05 23:15:40

Free Nappies/Incontinence Pads

Once your child is 3 years old he/she is entitled to free nappies for life. This can be extended to cover protective pants, liners, disposable draw-sheets etc. To find out more contact your health visitor or community nurse.

i found this here i know it's not necessaily the correct site but it gives accurate info and a starting point of where to look eidsvold

Dingle Tue 07-Jun-05 23:24:19

Can't give you much info. I do know that a lot of places give out a supply of either nappies or pull-up from the age of 3. Unfortunately, our area doesn't give them until the age of 4. I was told that there are too many lazy mums out there who just can't be bothered to potty train their children!!![anger][anger]
Bit of a sore point with me ATM. I am really trying to get to grips with potty training Amelia. Made up a daily sticker chart and asked both SN and mainstream nursery to use it so that we had some form of continuity.

Bless her she has done 10 wees on the toilet today, but still been wet in between most of them. She is taking her pull-up down, but ripping them.

Yeah, like I can afford to get through that many nappies each day!

I was advised that because she didn't qualify for free nappies yet, we may be able to buy them from a medical supplier, in bulk, at a reduced cost. Looking into this further, they don't do kiddies nappies only small adults continence pants, that cost more than pampers!

Good luck in your cause eidsvold!

coppertop Tue 07-Jun-05 23:27:46

We had a similar experience to Dingle. You only get free nappies here once the child is 4yrs old. We too heard that it was because apparently parents are now leaving potty-training until later. The HV didn't get back to with the info she promised and as ds1 was toilet-trained at 4.2yrs it was too late for us.

eidsvold Wed 08-Jun-05 06:42:33

thanks so much - I thought it was free nappies but wasn't sure if it was the case - did not want to go spouting incorrect info.

vicimelly Wed 08-Jun-05 08:24:34

I've been getting free nappies for dd since she was 2yrs, she has a disability that has caused nerve damage and as a result is doubly incontinent. I think we got them so young because we had a definite diagnosis, and there was absolutely no way she would ever be able to potty train, and has no control at all, so we go through a LOT of nappies!!!
We don't get all that we need for free, at the moment we have an allowance of I think its 8 nappies per day, which we receive in one big bulk every couple of months.
I'm hoping that this will go up soon, now that she's four.

Anyway HTH


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