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EP coming into school Nov to assess DS - what do they do? look for?

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starfish71 Mon 28-Sep-09 13:11:55

My DS (5.9) has had OT imput since Jan and now school are sending Autism outreach teacher in to assess him in 2 weeks and have been told that a date has been 'pencilled' in for EP to come in to assess him in Nov. My OT has told me that DS is about 18 months behind developementally and is showing autistic traits and she feels he needs 1 to 1 support. She has talked about the EP doing an IQ test on DS and then based on her assessment it will then decide the level of support he needs. Am very worried about the whole process and am feeling quite low. If any one has any advice or info for me then I will be very grateful. Thank you.

claw3 Mon 28-Sep-09 13:29:25

Ive just this second had a phone call telling me the senior SALT is going into my ds's school in November too to assess for autism. I wonder if this is a similar thing?

Apparently she is the first port of call to get a multi assessment underway.

starfish71 Mon 28-Sep-09 13:43:08

Hi claw3. That is good news that you have had call and things are moving for you too. I am just so confused by it all at the moment there doesn't seem to be a set procedure that happens when it comes to assessment.

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 28-Sep-09 13:53:24


Am sorry to read that you are feeling quite low and can relate but one good thing is that the EP is going to see him. EPs cannot diagnose but can make recommendations re his schooling and education. They have clout.

Is your DS on anything like School Action plus currently?. I ask this as there has been previous "outside" involvement like the OT.

I would ask to meet with the EP after the assessment has been carried out.

Do you have much contact with the SENCO?.

EPs are under pressure from LEAs not to issue statements but if it is felt he needs one to one support the surest way you will get this is via a Statement. Nothing else will cover this - also a Statement is legally binding unlike other school plans.

If they use the word "Statement" I would personally apply for it yourself. Do not let school do it. If you personally apply you know its been done then, besides which you as parent can appeal if the LEA say no (school cannot do this).

IPSEA are very good at the minefield that can be the statementing process There are model letters on there you can use.

claw3 Mon 28-Sep-09 13:54:47

It is all very confusing isnt it.

For what it is worth, I have been told SALT with have a 1-1 with ds and do some tests to assess his communication skills, using picture cards. Ds had an IQ test about 2 years ago and it basically involved looking at cards and building blocks and talking. Im not sure whether what SALT will be doing is an IQ test.

She will then observe him in a social setting. Then meet with me to discuss my concerns.

Your ds might be doing something similar, im not to sure, im sure someone will be along in a minute who has had an appointment with EP.

(my ds is 5.5 and has also been under OT since January)

starfish71 Mon 28-Sep-09 16:42:16

Thank you Atilla - yes DS has an IEP since Jan. His reception teacher told me he was 'a very young 5 year old' and had some co-ordination problems so I self referred to children's centre to see OT - who saw my DS1 previously and DS1 was dx'd with Dyspraxia last year. I saw senco this afternoon and she said firstly the Autism outreach teacher will probably observe over 2 days and meet with me. The report will go to EP who will go in to assess DS2 in November - she did warn me that the criteria for referral to CAMHS has been raised so don't know how that will affect things. All I want is to make sure DS2 gets the support and help he needs - it is a minefield. Also OT is popping in to see his teacher on thurs and she said she will ring me afterwards. Know things are moving but I am worrying terribly all the time.

And claw3 that is conincidence that your DS has been having OT since Jan too! Hard dealing with it all isn't it? Am glad I have found this forum

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