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Klinefelters syndrome?

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kreecherlivesupstairs Mon 28-Sep-09 08:29:11

My good friend's son has been diagnosed with KS, she is naturally in a bit of a pickle with regard to treatment. IMHO, she has been treated very badly, all the paediatrician told her was it's unlikely she'll ever be a grandma. No real strategies or even a treatment plan. She is desperately reading up on the internet about it, but, does anybody have any real experiences I can guide her towards?

sarah293 Mon 28-Sep-09 09:00:37

Message withdrawn

kreecherlivesupstairs Mon 28-Sep-09 11:14:48

Great, she's read all manner of stuff on the interweb as you do and is getting into a bit of a frenzy. As it is, his speech is a bit indistinct and he has a peculiar gait -other than that he's fine.

herjazz Mon 28-Sep-09 17:29:25

I know somebody with this

A politician - complete opposite to my political pov (I'd say I was left wing)

Erm v clever and successful. You may have seen them talking to andrew marr on tv at some point. Sorry I'm not going to say more than that cos it really isn't my place to speak for someone else - ykwim

sarah293 Mon 28-Sep-09 19:13:31

Message withdrawn

kreecherlivesupstairs Tue 29-Sep-09 08:42:22

I pointed her towards this site, thanks to all who have replied. I also found out about a support group, sadly in the UK, nothing in Switzerland though.
Not sure about the politico, I don't tend to see the telly TBH.

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