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up date on my son

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longagegap Sun 27-Sep-09 23:37:28

Hi my son is 15 months now and has global development delay , he has learnt to sit the last 2 months but still cant stop himself from fallen . I got his visual brain pattern test which shows his sight is off a 3 month old , there is nothing wrong with his eyes though , his mri scan came back normal but he is now being sent to a neurosurgeon for more test , he still wont stand and still everything in his mouth . Gets to me at times that people wont take what you are saying about him as he looks like any other child his age and people keep saying he'll grow out of it . I've come to terms that there is problems and i'm happy as long as he is . He is to be fitted with pedrio boots and a buggy as he wont sit straight in it . One of this blood test came back not normal , its a long chain fatty acid ( which is rare ) so he wasnt allowed to eat or drink and had to be re tested so waiting on the result now . Its just tiring all the running about , he also had low muscle tone in arms and legs , none of his doctors or anyone he sees can work him out as he seems like it could be this or that and once we think we no what is wrong , he does something else , only thing that seems to save him alot is cos he is so smily and very happy wee boy . If anyone else no's what i mean by all this and been through it would love to hear back from you , thanks

Bigbadmomma Sun 27-Sep-09 23:42:12

Hi long age gap,I have a sn child who ahs different issues to your LO but is also a happy smily child,welcome to mnYou will find lots of support on the sn board.

Phoenix4725 Mon 28-Sep-09 02:44:31

hi .I to have achild with GD though do know now that he has some brain damage and as hes at school they talkabout Ld.He also has low tone and uses a chair did not walk ill he was almost 3 and still needa chair but he is also a smiler.

If going by your name I to have a long age gap Ds1 15 , ds 3 with sn is 4

meltedmarsbars Mon 28-Sep-09 11:51:21

Hi, longagegap, it took at long time for the docs to diagnose my dd2 (with what turned out to be a very rare condition).

Good luck with the tests etc, have you got family around to help out and give you a break?

I don't have a longagegap - all 3 of mine were born in 3 years!!! grin

troutpout Mon 28-Sep-09 12:17:36

Welcome to the sn board longagegap smile

longagegap Mon 28-Sep-09 13:24:48

Hi thanks everyone for the messages my eldest is 13 years old , so she is a battle as well with joys of hormones , when the results came back from MRI they never said 100% the test was clear ( not sure if they do tell you this ) my son sleeps all the time as well . I try and keep his life as easy as i can and do things with him even though he doesn't no what is goin on totally . Only thing that does get to me about him is he is a really bad bitter and doesnt understand it hurts , he has 16 teeth and when he bites he doesnt let go , even on himself his hands covered in bite marks and even draws blood . I dont have a great family support , people saying they will take him or help out but they dont . I'm a single parent as well , his so called dad who i call a donor as thats all the use he has been . I just adore my son to bits , its just the running about to appointments and no-one seems to know why he is like this . 2 weeks before i had him i was taken into hospital as his heart rate kept falling . His big doctor keeps goin back to that time of the pregnancy also his labour was very fast at the end , in space of 10 mins I'd went from 4cm to 10 cm and he was out in few pushes . None of my friends been through anything like this so its hard enough to talk to them about it all fully. Thanks for listing

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