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Is "postural syndrome" the same as dyspraxia?

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mysonben Sun 27-Sep-09 23:29:27

My step-sister who lives in switzerland, has a DS who is 8 years old, at the end of last year he was dx with Postural Syndrome (syndrome postural in french), from what i know of the boy and from what his mum says it seems so similar to dyspraxia.
I tried to google postural syndrome but didn't come with much.
Anyone knows of it?

Thanks for any info.

sarah293 Mon 28-Sep-09 09:05:01

Message withdrawn

mysonben Mon 28-Sep-09 11:05:54

Hi riven,
Yes i see what you're saying with many of these conditions share some symptoms and can sort of overlap.
This little boy does have some behaviours and 'features' sometimes similar to my DS who is asd.
Like short attention span, difficulties with language (although in M's case it's more an immature way of speaking, whether my DS is very delayed), M like my DS is easily distracted and overly aware of noises around him, he makes silly noises a lot but not as obsessively as DS.
The list goes on. wink

The main reasons i thought postural syndrome was like dyspraxia is that his mum told me he has a special board that incline when he 's at school, he has poor fine motor skills, his visual spacial preception isn't right, he can't concentrate,...

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