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Urgent - anyone seen JakB?

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motherinferior Tue 07-Jun-05 13:55:38

I'm supposed to be meeting up with her tomorrow and emailed her and got no reply. Does anyone have her number and if so could they CAT me? THANK you!

motherinferior Tue 07-Jun-05 15:09:01


RnB Tue 07-Jun-05 15:19:08

Message withdrawn

motherinferior Tue 07-Jun-05 15:41:52

grovelling thanks. Especially as I think I'm going to have to cancel AGAIN.

Davros Tue 07-Jun-05 19:29:25

Is she OK RnB?

JakB Tue 07-Jun-05 19:30:10

Oh God, sorry darling. Had one of those weeks- DD had adenoids and dodgy grommet out Thursday and it's all gone pear-shaped with the LEA (will put on another thread). No worries about tomorrow, can't do anyway as have to sort out school situation. Will e-mail and rearrange

motherinferior Tue 07-Jun-05 20:01:12

oh good so I can [expletive deleted] WORK grumble moan!

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