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Launch of human Ethics Cafes

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eidsvold Thu 22-May-03 07:18:02

Just for interest - a friend emailed me about this.....

Ethics Café:

Who’s Afraid of Designer Babies?

of Medical Ethics

A discussion about the right to choose your baby…
… and the eugenics of choice

Dr Bill Albert, a disabled activist and member of the government’s Human Genetics Commission, will lead a dialogue on issues such as:

• Do you want a society that selects and rejects embryos according to their genetic make-up?
• Does the choice to abort a disabled foetus make eugenics acceptable in our society?

Basically this is the first in a series of discussions - focusing on human genetics and medical ethics.

This free discussion event will take place at
6.30pm on Tues 3rd June 2003

Bierodrome, 173-4 Upper Street, Islington N1

If you want anymore info I can email the flyer to you. It looks very interesting and I am considering attending.

Jimjams Thu 22-May-03 14:46:12

If I was still in London eidsvold I would go with you.

There was a vile woman in our local paper recently. She had 4 boys and wanted a girl. So she was paying 5000 pounds for IVF to get her girl. She was quoted as saying things like "the boys are looking forward to having a sister, and we can go shopping together in the future" She was obviously a bit stupid though as she didn't seem to understand that IVF only has at absolute best a 20% chance of working. Anyway it didn't work. So she's going to try again. But I was left screaming at the paper and what happens if she's disabled or something?- are you going to send her back??" She had 4 lovely healthy boys and she was monaing about how hard done by she was becuase she couldn't buy little dresses. Yuck yuck yuck.

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