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Made a video about my DS (mild asd) on FB for friends and it is

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mysonben Sat 26-Sep-09 00:05:09

If you click on the link above you should be able to watch it (if you have speakers there is music too wink)

I hope it works...hmm

I didn't go into all full details about DS's issues, only a few... and i highlighted a lot of things he does are regular typical stuff a 4 year old does iyswim?
After all the asd is only one side of him.

mysonben Sat 26-Sep-09 00:07:06

Doh!!! It isn't working!
DH tells me you have to copy and paste the whole link into your address bar.

elmosworld Sat 26-Sep-09 00:12:34

Wont let me see... it's privacy settings! Would have to be friends on FB unless you make the settings of that vid so that anyone can see. Hope you sort it out soon! xx

mysonben Sat 26-Sep-09 00:15:17

Ok will see if i can change it. thanks for letting me know.

elmosworld Sat 26-Sep-09 01:07:03

no probs. grin

Marne Sat 26-Sep-09 09:08:37

oh, i have made one too but havn't shown anyone yet, i just need to add the finishing touches. grin.

Looking forward to seeing your video mysonben.

herjazz Sat 26-Sep-09 09:46:59

I just watched it

What a gorgeous little fella you have there

Think all of these montages (I watched jimjam's one t'other day) really radiate the ordinary, awwww cute, full-on joy and rapture, rough and tumble that we imagine when we think of any child. A very good thing I reckon

4nomore Sat 26-Sep-09 11:26:45

Just watched your vid and it's lovely - thank-you for sharing it.


mysonben Sat 26-Sep-09 11:49:23

Thank you for watching it. smile

VeronicaMars Sat 26-Sep-09 12:11:17

That is so beautiful, your children are gorgeous.
And the song is perfect. What software do you use Mysonben?

paranoid2 Sat 26-Sep-09 12:17:47

What a cutie. He looks full of life and mischief

catski Sat 26-Sep-09 12:24:59

That's a great video. I blubbered shamelessly all the way through it. Your kids are gorgeous.

mysonben Sat 26-Sep-09 12:50:15

Thank you. smile

Made it with Windows Movie maker. It is fairly basic but easy to use. grin

starfish71 Sat 26-Sep-09 13:06:13

What a wonderful video and a beautiful little boy! and your daughter too!(smile).

Marne Sat 26-Sep-09 15:55:36

He's a cutie, what lovely children you have.

I will try and link to my video, its not that good though as i'm not great at that sort of thing.


VeronicaMars Sat 26-Sep-09 21:25:26

Marne you have a beautiful daughter. Lovely video.

5inthebed Sat 26-Sep-09 23:01:33

What lovely children you both have. Thanks for sharing.

Shells Sun 27-Sep-09 05:57:15

Loved both of them. Thanks.

mysonben Sun 27-Sep-09 11:32:12

Mrane, your little girl is adorable. Great video. Thanks for sharing.

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