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What are your experiences with BIBIC?

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debs40 Fri 25-Sep-09 15:38:31

I've heard lots of good things about BIBIC on this board and I wondered what people's experience of their assessment and follow-up programmes are like. Did they help? Did you use them to highlight problem areas with school etc?

DoNotPressTheRedButton Fri 25-Sep-09 15:50:10

I was lucky as I grew up just miles away fropm the place and visited a few times for work, so when ds1 was diagnosed we knew exactly where to head. With ds2 it was mainly dietary stuff that worked best, and they were fabulous with that; with ds3 though it was more significant- we'd been stuck waiting for SALT and so they ahlped us get PECs sorted, that led itself to him developing langauge.

I found the staff to be very friendly and the general experience tiring but very empowering and reassuring. the programme itself is a bit tiring and most people I know end up doing it alternative nights or whatever soa s to make uit work for them, but I do think it gets results and I have seen them help a wide range of people in my tme.


Oh the assessments do highlight problem areas as they break your childds development into tiny pieces and look at them separately: found it very useful with dx, sattement etc.

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