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statements, school action etc etc - help!

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debs40 Fri 25-Sep-09 13:44:02

I'm looking into SA, SA+ and statementing in an effort to ensure DS is getting appropriate help.

I have had a brief look at the SEN Code and a LA guidance document. DS is meeting academic targets and I was concerned that this might mean that he is excluded from the definition of 'special education need'.It all seems to be linked to the national curriculum.

He has social communication difficulties (possibly AS) and also has hypotonia/hypermobility. But does this matter if he is seen to be 'coping' and hitting targets.

Do you have to start falling behind before you get help?

I'm looking for a short cut through these massive documents!

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 25-Sep-09 14:36:42

School Action is a basic plan where school step in to give a child a bit more help with reading etc. School Action Plus is where "outside" people and or agencies like OT, SALT, developemtal paed to name but three as examples are involved. Both plans are not legally binding unlike a Statement and funding for both these can be as a result very limited.

Your son's current school are clearly not meeting his needs nor do they seem to have any coherent plan as yet as to how to do so. He is reaching targets academically currently but this may not be always the case. Junior school is a different ballgame altogether to Infants.

Statements should be issued on basis of need. Blanket policies that some LEAs actively employ like, "oh child needs to be 3 years behind before we consider statementing" is in breach of the law. LEA's know the law and their "ignorance" is no excuse. There have been numerous cases of LEA's being pulled up legally before the High Court for breaking the law when it comes to SEN provision.

Take counsel also from organisations like ACE and SOS:SEN. Both are very good and can advise further.

Longer term too some children with AS do find secondary school very difficult indeed to cope with. I would certainly not wait unduly to get him help or even for him to start falling behind. This is because of the effects of all this on you as well; you need to pre-empt the potential problems before they get really bad.

SEN code of practice is a weighty tome and many LEA's to my mind don't read it. They tend to use the SEN toolkit instead which at 24 or so pages is an easier read.

debs40 Fri 25-Sep-09 15:34:03

Thanks alot - that's really helpful!!

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